Bernini salutes the Girl Squad in new TV ad

Bernini, is the natural sparkling grape Frizzantè that you would’ve seen me talking about on the blog, as well as on my social media pages. This really is my new summer drink of choice. Perhaps because it embodies a spontaneous, exuberant zest for life! This alcoholic beverage brand recently launched its intuitive ‘Glow up on your Way Up’ campaign. Stepping up to support the brand’s glow getters – the strong, confident and glamorous young women who are the Bernini consumer.

Bernini has always been a brand that champions female progress and empowerment and supports the close connections between women and the support they get from their circle of friends. The ‘Glow up on your Way’ campaign launched two platforms over the months of the COVID 19 lockdown that did just that. The Bernini Squadcast Series provided a platform for confident, strong, empowered women to openly engage in conversations about serious issues relevant to women, while the Girls Night In series focused on the glamour that is integral to the glow getter lifestyle – inviting glow getters to ‘glow up’ at home together.

The ad

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To reinforce the campaign, a compelling television commercial entitled ‘Ode to The Squad’, was launched. ‘With this commercial we wanted to bring across the integral role that her squad plays in our glow getter’s life – how her girls are there for her, supporting her in her personal and professional life, while she glows her way to the top. Our Bernini glow getters don’t just grow up, they ‘glow up’. We want to showcase the glamour that is part of the Bernini glow getter lifestyle while landing the message that Bernini is the drink that embodies the values she lives by – and looking glamorous simply because it feels good, is just part of her lifestyle. Pouring herself a glass of Bernini is her reward for working hard and going for her goals and dreams,’ says Bernini Marketing Manager Tania Kotze.

According to Kotze, Director Keitumetse ‘Kit’ Qhali of Darling Films played a pivotal role in bringing the commercial to life.  Kit, who is a multi-award winning director, writer, and producer and who recently made the FORBES AFRICA 30 Under 30 list, is the quintessential young 25- 34 year Bernini glow getter. “She was a natural fit for this production’ says Kotze.  Her insight and innate understanding of our glow getters shines through in the narrative.’

The setting for the TVC is a luxury Airbnb where the glow getter and her squad are sharing a weekend getaway experience.  They arrive there exuding style and flair, and one gets the idea they are closer than sisters, that they really know and care about each other – and that they are go-getters who aren’t afraid to go out and get what they want from life. With each scene the narrator turns the spotlight on different characters, who turn to look into the camera and respond, speaking directly to the viewer. The message is clear. They are there for their glow getter friend, to give her the support she needs in every aspect of her life. Enjoying a luxurious getaway together is all part of the package.

There’s a real feeling of satisfaction as the closing scene fades with the words, ‘because when you’ve got your squad you’ve got everything and so much more.’   The closing shot of the Bernini range with Amber – the soon to be released new variant – in the forefront leaves one with no doubt that it is the drink of choice for glow getters and their squad.

To find out more, visit the Bernini Facebook page or follow Bernini on Instagram @BerniniSA and Twitter @BerniniSA.

Bernini is not for sale to Persons under the age of 18.



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