Review: Which high-end hairdryer is best for your luxurious locks?

This Summer we’ll be taking fewer video calls, and having more face-to-face meetings. This means we all need to look our best, it would appear that we are in the pursuit of happi-hair. With this summer heat – a home blow-dry can at times feel like a workout. This is why we’ve looked for the lightest hairdryers, the most ergonomic designs, and we weren’t afraid to splurge. With the festive season coming up – a great gift idea (if you’re in the market for a new hairdryer) is to ask your family/friends to club in and buy you one of these babies, as opposed to them each buying you something smaller.

The Xiaomi Jimmy JF6 Pro:

This luxurious hairdryer blows hair 30% faster than other digital hairdryers, ensuring quick drying of the hair and avoiding excessive heat damage. This hair dryer has intelligent thermal control technology which measures air temperature more than 50x per second, ensuring the outlet temperature is 95’c, avoiding loss of hair moisture, and keeping hair smooth and shiny. This hairdryer also has a noise-reducing feature (for those early morning sessions), the 17-leaf high-speed turbofan brushless motor significantly reduces the noise generated, leaving only the airflow. The nano-technology absorbs moisture from the air, injects moisture-rich ions into the hair, and enhances the suppleness and luster of the hair.


All4Women tried this hairdryer for ourselves, we loved the way it looked (fire-engine red is our favourite), we loved the look and feel, the design and our partners were fans of the noise-reducing feature. This is a lightweight, high-quality, well-performing hairdryer. This hair dryer was easy to use, my hair definitely dried quicker than usual and there was less frizz. I would definitely use this hairdryer again and recommend it.


  • Price: R4299
  • Colour variants: Red and Navy

The ghd Helios:

Not only is this a beautiful looking hairdryer, but it also encompasses the latest innovation in styling control. The contoured nozzle offers even heat distribution for better styling control. It’s lightweight, quick-drying and it’s ergonomically balanced for a lighter, yet more precise, styling experience. This hairdryer also has a bespoke acoustic system, ensuring low sound levels whilst you style. It has a 3m long cable and weighs 0.78kg and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

It’s a Sher thing reviewed this hairdryer for ourselves. This hair dryer was lightweight in our hands so your arms don’t get too tired holding it, it definitely dried our hair quicker than usual, our hair was less frizzy and was definitely smoother and shinier than before. We really love the look of the frosted white hairdryer with gold dust accents. The noise-reducing feature is also a big win for us. This is a premium, superior-quality, well-performing hairdryer.

  • Price: R2900
  • Colour Variants: Black, White, Plum, and Navy

Our humble opinion: After reviewing two premium brands, our beauty desk was definitely caught up in a full-on entanglement. However, our beauty desk is more inclined to purchase the ghd helios, while both hairdryers were exceptional, both looked great and both performed well.  We felt that based on the premium price point, the ghd helios was better value for money.

*These products were sent to me to trial/review. However, all opinions are my own.


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