These 3 plants are great for your health

Your home needs more of these plants, they don’t just look great, and they’re great for your health too.


Our home is our happy place, we fill it with things we love and adore. Perhaps we need to look at filling it with more plants and succulents. Pot plants don’t just look great and add a natural feel to the home, some of them are good for your health too. House plants are great for boosting your mood, concentration, productivity, and creativity. They’ve been known to reduce stress and assist with fatigue. They’ve been known to absorb toxins, increase humidity, and produce oxygen.

  1. Air purifying plants: Air-purifying plants ensure the air in the room it’s planted in remains fresh and highly oxygenated, this plant does great in a bright, well lit, home office where you need to exercise your brainpower daily. One of our favourite air purifying plants is the ‘maranta kerchoveana’, known as the prayer plant because it lies flat during the day and stands upright in the evenings. This plant is non-toxic for dogs and cats. Retails for about R135

  1. Humidity plants: Humidity plants will add a boost of moisture to the air, ensuring your air and skin don’t get too dry. One of our favourite humidity plants is the ‘maidenhair fern’. This fern doesn’t do well around dry air from heaters/aircon. If you do have one in a room that has a heater/aircon do mist your plant daily or set it on a water-filled pebble tray. This plant is non-toxic for dogs and cats. Retails for about R85

  1. Productivity boosting plants: Succulents have been known to give their owner’s little brain bursts. The University of Exeter released a study showing that employee productivity increased by 15% after plants were introduced to a bare office. House plants/office plants are known to reduce stress, improve calmness, and well-being, which increases creativity and focus. One of our favourite succulents is the ‘string of bananas’. This trailing succulent with leaves that are shaped like bananas, needs plenty of bright sunlight. This plant is mildly toxic to dogs and cats. Retails for about R145


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