Introducing: Bernini Amber

There’s a new glow in town, just in time for the Summer holidays! Bernini Amber is a natural sparkling grape Frizzantè that is refreshingly delicious. You could enjoy this ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage while braaing by the pool with the family, or under at a girls night soiree, this drink compliments both occasions beautifully.

After a long, hard year of glow-ups, goal setting, and being a boss babe, relax and unwind during the glow hours with the newest member of the squad – Bernini Amber. This refreshingly delicious drink is sunshine in a bottle, it has a light amber complexion yet encompasses a sparkling wine taste. It’s fruity, sweet and showcases delicate Frizzante bubbles, under the amber glow. Serve chilled, for that refreshing feeling.

This premium cider is also available in classic, Blush, and Ruby Berry. it’s the only grape-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand on the market that’s produced using only the finest quality ingredients that mother nature has to offer.

It looks beautiful and luxurious and tastes great too – this is the perfect drink for women who live life to the fullest and who are ready to get their glow on this Summer. Don’t just take my word for it, be a glow getter and try this trendy Summer drink for yourself.

Amber 275ml retails for R79.95

Amber 440ml can retails for  R99.95

They’re available at leading liquor stores countrywide.


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Bernini is not for persons under the age of 18.




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