Getting to know David Gillson

You’ve heard the name, now get to know the man behind the hottest haircare trends in SA and beyond.

When you hear the name David Gillson you immediately think of fashionable celebrities, luxury bloggers, media trendsetters, and more. While Gillson is a hair-color magician, there’s more to the man than just great haircare.

Q&A with Gillson for it’s a Sher thing exclusive



Q: After lockdown did you come across a couple of box dye jobs and what can you tell us about that?

A: I definitely came across some colour corrections after lockdown, more than usual. The lighter the colour, the easier it is to correct most of the time, but that’s not always the case. A few trends that sparked post-lockdown were that some ladies decided to embrace their natural grey, and women started gravitating towards colours that are closer to their natural hair colour and are therefore easier to maintain. That’s why you’re seeing less platinum blonde leaving the salon and more light browns, and medium and dark blondes.



Q: What 3 Davines products do you think every woman should have in her shower?


  • Oi oil: Adds extraordinary shine and softness to the hair. This product has strong detangling and restructuring properties and a great anti-frizz effect. 50ml R335
  • Oi butter: Absolute beautifying hair butter which is great to use as a treatment post shampoo and conditioner for the most beautiful looking hair. 250ml R500
  • Energizing shampoo: Stimulating and regenerating shampoo for scalp and fragile hair, prone to falling out. 250ml R345


Q: Air dry vs heat dry this Spring?

A: Air dry a bit and then finish off with a blowdry for a polished and complete look


David’s Davines Product of the week:

Oi oil


This gorgeous little miracle oil doesn’t just smell amazing but it adds extraordinary shine and softness to the hair, it’s an instant treatment that you can feel working immediately. It’s great at restructuring the hair and has a phenomenal anti-frizz effect. This is the perfect treat for everyday use, a date night, or a holiday by the sea.


Order online here:



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