Importance of Foreplay – Touch, and Communication

Let’s focus a bit on the F Word – Foreplay. This is the second phase of the sexual response cycle known as the excitement/arousal phase. This phase occurs as the result of physical or mental erotic stimuli such as kissing and petting that leads to sexual arousal. Physical and emotional interaction, and stimulation of the erogenous zones, will usually establish at least some initial arousal.

This is the one phase that so often gets taken for granted with not enough focus on it! Why? We don’t have time! We are just too busy! So, when it comes to being intimate with our partner, it is normally about how quickly we can get this over and done with. We need to get to sleep! We have things to do or are worrying about what is happening tomorrow.  I am here to encourage you to STOP! It is time for you to take a step back and make time for the all-important Foreplay! Many ladies experience pain during intimacy. If there is not a medical reason for her to have pain, we need to re-evaluate Foreplay!

If not enough time is given to foreplay, you are not giving your body the time to prepare itself for intercourse. This can lead to painful sex! We need to ensure that everything is lifting and falling into place in order to have amazing intercourse. Intercourse that is pleasurable for both you and your partner.

Take it slow, focus on touch and communication! Why touch and communication? As mentioned before, our minds are our biggest sexual organ. Our second biggest sexual organ is our skin.  So, it is important to stimulate the mind with some great sexy talk or even a fun game. One thing to always keep in mind, COMMUNICATION is key, and the foundation to a strong and healthy relationship. If you feel you are lacking communication in your relationship, you might want to go back to basics and open the door to communication. Please be honest about your wants and desires when communicating with your partner. It is important to remember that for you to enjoy the ultimate time with your partner, and to get the most out of intimacy, you need to relax and be comfortable!

TOUCH is important and fun! Get your hands all over each other by massaging, kissing and tasting. Take a moment and think of when your partner touches your naked body. Remember all those wonderful feelings running through your body, and you say, “Oh Yes!” Well, get going with that again and enjoy the moment. Use all your senses and have fun! It is not a race to the finish line. Enjoy the moment and stay on the playing field.

Check back here next week to receive information about why lubrication is important.

  • The Sexual Response Cycle is not always linear. How a person experiences each phase is unique to them. It’s normal for some to spend more time in one phase than another, experience phases in different sequences, or not experience all phases. It’s also common for some not to experience a stage at the same time as their partner: this is where communication and my services can align cycles in order for partners to achieve orgasm at the same time!

This article was written and supplied by Anthea Bossert, Pure Romance by Anthea / 082 856 2031/


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