Self-confidence and feeling good about oneself

Confidence is the new sexy!


It not only contributes to your sexual wellness but also helps in looking after yourself.

Mind over matter

As women, our biggest sexual organ is our mind and it relates directly to the sexual response cycle with the first phase being desire! This is when one shows interest in sexual activity and is also referred to as the libido/sex drive. This phase is often considered to be the psychological aspect of sex i.e. Am I interested? As women, when we get ready for a date night, we make sure to take to our time and ensure we are feeling good, smelling good, and looking good! This all adds to sending messages to our mind that yes, I am beautiful and yes, I am sexy!


As a Pure Romance Independent Consultant, 80% of our range focuses on bath and beauty as we want to assist ladies with that sexy feeling. Therefore most of the bath and beauty line contains pheromones! Pheromones are what produce your natural scent, the scent that attracts people to you! It also increases your confidence … most definitely the new sexy!


Take a moment, sit back and think of the times you were able to pamper yourself by having a nice wax or shave, washing your hair, rubbing lovely smelling lotions all over your body, and getting dressed up. Applying your makeup and spritzing your favourite scent. Oh WOW! You are magnificent! You are feeling confident and you are sexy! In fact, you could take on the world! Now just imagine keeping that feeling and waking up every day feeling that exact same way! Imagine keeping that feeling when you have date nights with your partner! How would that end up?

Something that one can consider in order to enhance desire is to include some sexy lingerie and wear that little sexy piece under your date-night outfit! Remember lingerie is like gift wrapping. Your partner will be unwrapping their gift later – YOU. With social distancing and staying home, you can really spice things up by arranging a date night at home. Set time aside and enjoy a picnic in the lounge or your bedroom once the tiny or big feet have gone to bed (assuming you have children living at home). Become adventurous with ways to date your partner, whether you have been in the relationship for a few months or a few years! Keeps the spark alive.

My experience when talking and working with women from all walks of life is that they don’t take time out for themselves or their partner. They are too busy being busy. Slow down! Book a night! Have fun! I have noticed ladies are far more prepared and relaxed when they have a plan and know what is happening and when. And if that’s what you need, it is absolutely a-okay. Just make sure to book the time and to enjoy the moment!


Check back here next week to receive information about the importance of Foreplay – Touch and Communication.

  • The Sexual Response Cycle is not always linear. How a person experiences each phase is unique to them. It’s normal for some to spend more time in one phase than another, experience phases in different sequences, or not experience all phases. It’s also common for some not to experience a stage at the same time as their partner: this is where communication and my services can align cycles in order for partners to achieve Orgasm at the same time!


This article was written and supplied by Anthea Bossert, Pure Romance by Anthea / 082 856 2031/


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