An Asian takeaway that you NEED to try!

Are you still a little nervous about dining out in public? Even with all the sanitiser and temperature checks? Well, lucky for you, dining in Asain style, has never tasted so good before,


As we return to life after lockdown, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind us to continue to support local entrepreneurs wherever possible. Especially if it means treating yourself and taking the night off to do so.


Introducing Obento

Have you been craving some authentic, traditional Asian cuisine? Well, clear out your fridge and freezer as you’re going to want to fill them up, with fresh, hearty, tasty, meals from my new favourite Asian takeaway called Obento.


These dishes are delivered to your door and they are quick and convenient to heat and serve. They can go straight from your freezer to your air fryer/steamer/oven in a matter of minutes and they are absolutely, mouth-wateringly delicious. Asian food is well-known for being rich, filling, and packed full of flavor and Obento does not disappoint in this regard.



With sweet and, salty and rich components to most of the dishes – you’ll be slurping your way through these saucy meals. The dishes we’ve tasted have all been perfectly balanced with proteins and carbs. My personal favourites have definitely been the Taiwanese beef noodles, the Tonkotsu chashu noodles, and the sweet and sour pork belly dishes.


The meals we tried were mainly protein and carbohydrate-based dishes. So, keep some fresh pak choi / baby corn on hand to add some veggies to your quick dishes. If you think about it, the protein and carbs are what take time to cook, so having those on hand and pre-cooked are a real time saver during a busy week.


Obento doesn’t just make frozen meals, they’re also available for catering and you can also order Asian groceries from their online supermarket, such as kewpie mayonnaise and lee hum kee plum sauce. Obento’s meals don’t just taste amazing, they’re prepared with the highest quality, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, the protein is super tender, the taste is well balanced and the presentation is oh-so-instagrammable.


This meal option is highly recommended for a busy family who is looking to having some quick, flavorsome meals during the week. I know I’ve always got 2-3 frozen dishes in my freezer at any point.



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