Let’s talk feminine hygiene & a giveaway

Loving yourself means looking after your body too. Including your intimate areas, I for one love a great  bubble, bath but they don’t always agree with me. As you know, foam bath and bath bombs may affect our pH balance in our vagina’s, leading to itchiness and irritation.

I wanted to introduce you to my favourite brand of feminine hygiene products.


First up is the GynaGuard foam bath:

Available in fragrance-free and lightly fragranced. Personally, I love the lightly fragranced range – I enjoy the light fragrance and in my opinion, it foams a lot easier. The fragrance-free version is a little thicker in the bottle, so I mix it with a little water to make it less thick. The bottle is 475ml which means it lasts a fair amount of time for its price point. This product retails for about R79.99

This range is gentle enough to use daily to hydrate and protect your intimate area. What I love about this foam bath is that it is specially formulated to gently clean and care for sensitive skin. This foam bath is pH balanced to help reduce irritation and vaginal dryness. Both of these foam baths are colourant and soap-free.

Next up is the GynaGuard intimate wash:

This intimate wash is sensitive, soap, and fragrance-free. Personally I use mine daily as it kills bacteria and even the most resistant strains of Candida. This range is pH balanced, just as the entire GynaGuard range is, this enhanced prebiotic and probiotic formulations soothes, hydrates, and protects your intimate areas. It costs about R64.99 for 140ml so it lasts a decent amount of time too. P.S. if you shop at Clicks you can use your eBucks to purchase these products.


Lastly is the GynaGuard comfort gel:


This gel is light and non-greasy, it helps reduce the causes of irritation and discomfort to soothe your most intimate areas. It is gynecologist tested and approved. This gel is R89.99 for 10ml

Additional tips for how you can practice self-care:

  1. It’s important to keep the vagina clean and dry.¹ Moist vaginas encourage yeast and bacteria growth, and infections. No-one has time for that!
  2. When it comes to selecting underwear, fabrics like cotton are breathable, while satin traps moisture. When moisture is trapped, there is less airflow, and this could increase friction and irritation ‘down there’.  So, try to wear cotton underwear for everyday use and keep your silky’s for sexy time.
  3. When you’ve had a great workout at the gym, change out of your sweaty gear as soon as possible to keep bacteria away from your girly bits.
  4. Washing your intimate areas is a given, and a great way to do this would be by making the GynaGuard range of pH balancing intimate products part of your feminine hygiene routine.


These tips were shared with us by GynaGuard. South Africa’s No. 1 Feminine Hygiene products² which are gentle enough for everyday use, safeguarding those special places. GynaGuard is available from retail stores and leading pharmacies.


To find out more visit www.gynaguard.co.za


Stand a chance to win a GynaGuard Hamper valued at R450 to ensure your girly bits are happy and healthy this Spring. All you have to do is comment what your favourite GynaGuard product is to stand a chance to win. 



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One Comment

  1. Kaylee Vos

    My favorite GynaGuard product is the wipes. They are extremely good to use. I often use them when on my menstrual cycle. Sorry if that’s too explicit .

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