NEW chocolate alert! LINDT EXCELLENCE Honeycomb

The LINDT Master Chocolatiers have taken inspiration from high quality ingredients aince 1845, to creatively craft new, delicious EXCELLENCE flavours for this luxurious brand. So, ofcourse only the finest ingredients (including sustainably sourced cocoa beans) are masterfully combined to create the finest flavours.

The new limited-edition LINDT EXCELLENCE Honeycomb 100g is a testament to this process and offers a sensory experience for all chocolate lovers! This new tablet delivers a delicate balance of cocoa from the creamy dark chocolate, blended with the abundant pieces of airy, brittle honeycomb. Mmmm! I can almost taste it just writing this!

Together, the luxurious crunch and sweetness from the golden honeycomb will melt in the mouth! For chocolate lovers worldwide, LIINDT EXCELLENCE chocolate is pure heaven.  The LINDT EXCELLENCE range also features the likes of 70% Dark, 85% Dark, Mint Intense, Orange Intense, and Sea Salt in 100g tablets

This range sells for R49.99 for 90% and the 99% tablets sell for R54.99

Is this a range you would try?


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