From Rosettenville to the world

The Nando’s journey started in Rosettenville 33 years ago. However a lot has changed since 1987, one thing hasn’t changed though – the brand is as proudly South African as ever. September is Heritage month as well as Nando’s birthday month and so, it makes perfect sense that Nando’s would give their first-ever restaurant a makeover.

Nando’s believes that our local artists and designers are world-class, innovative, and that they have a unique approach to design that tells our incredible South African story and showcases our heritage. So, through our art and design initiatives and platforms, we’ve committed to collaborating and sourcing works from them. It’s why Nando’s Rosettenville, like all Nando’s restaurants globally, proudly features original Southern African art and design – there for anyone who enters our restaurants to feast their eyes on and enjoy.

From artworks and furniture, light-fittings, patterns, and fabrics, we’ve not only made art and design more accessible to ordinary citizens, but every piece also represents thousands of hours of work, hundreds of hands and minds, millions of Rands going into our country’s economy.

We love the new look and hope you do too because it’s from our humble beginnings making PERi-PERi chicken, that we’ve been able to support and take South African creativity to the world. Viva Mzansi. Viva!

What do you think of their new look?


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