Inoar Hand Sanitiser Gel

It’s finally here, a saviour for our hands! Inoar has just launched a new Argan-oil infused anti-septic hand sanitiser gel. This unique formula is non-sticky, giving you a solution to care for your hands whilst protecting yourself and the ones you love. This hydrating hand sanitiser in 70% alcohol based, ensuring that 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs are immediately eliminated.

However, instead of drying your hands out, this hand sanitiser gel leaves your hands feeling soft, hydrated, and moisturised, due to the inclusion of the argan oil. Argan oil has been used for centuries as a remedy for skin repair and that is why Inoar’s new sanitiser is gentle on even the most sensitive, dry and damaged hands.

Just like all of Inoar’s products, this new sanitiser gel is 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. It costs R150 for 500ml from and top hair salons nationwide. Personally, I’ve found that all of this hand sanitiser has been lifting the gel from my nails and so it is not lasting as long as it used too. I’m keen to try this sanitiser gel to see if it assists with that problem, watch this space… I’ll let you know.


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