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by | Aug 12, 2020

It was during the 21 day Lockdown in South Africa that founder, Jana Leonard’s, 14-month-old son felt he needed to embrace and fully express his ‘love for sports’ by using their potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions as balls! “Originally it was actually very funny and we laughed it off. However, after a few days and many squishy potatoes, we knew there had to be a solution”. Baskiti was born. A gorgeous range of handwoven hanging baskets delivering on a solution to a problem no-one even knew they had. From there, it grew authentically into a larger brand with Baskiti accessories and another division, Baskiti Wall Hooks.

Our aim was to create something that looks amazing but also gets the job done. I think what Lockdown has taught us is that you want to make your house a home. We wanted our Baskiti products to add value, not more things – to your home.” adds Jana.

Baskiti offers the one basket every mom needs, from your kitchen to your crafts room or even baby’s room. There are so many uses for the Baskitis – you’ll want to find new open wall-space to hang them up! A great addition to the living area, or perhaps outdoors under the lapa. The Baskiti range will allow you to have nice things, without your toddler thinking it’s ‘mine’.

The Baskiti Hanging Basket is 35cm high, 22cm wide, and has a handle that hooks beautifully onto the Baskiti J-Hook. It has a flat back and a big belly (just like the founders’ son) so it gorgeously hugs the wall.

“Our Baskiti offers you more floor and counter space. It allows you to create something beautiful and usable on a wall which may never have found life.” adds Jana. Baskiti also has a liner that you can add to your basket, so you don’t have onion skin on your floor.

Baskiti wall hooks

The Baskiti team has now also launched their Baskiti Wall Hooks division which includes an array of handmade wall hooks. Their J-Hooks are almost always sold with the Basket, as it just works so well together. Like Peanut butter and Jam! The Baskiti Mask Hooks are a simple design of 4 hooks and 5 additional hooks for your fabric masks. “Masks ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why not let it add to your home, you can keep tabs on which ones have been out on a jol and which ones are clean. You don’t want to mix them up. This is a great way to teach the kids about putting away their masks after each use.” adds MC Leonard, co-founder of Baskiti Wall Hooks. “We’ve also added the little roof (ledge) for your sanitizer or if my wife has anything to do with it, somewhere for her to make it pretty!” he laughs.

The word Baskiti loosely translates to Basket in Shona, the native language of the Leonards’ nanny, Jacqueline. “She is such an inspiration to us as a family. If it wasn’t for Lockdown I probably wouldn’t have come up with this concept so Thank You God, You always have a plan!” Jana adds.

You can buy your Baskiti products on LMDA Lifestyle.

If you wish to order wholesale, please contact Jana Leonard directly at

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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