Uber Eats Releases Its Healthiest Order Stats for Sa

Lockdown has since become the new normal, and so South African’s are moving towards leading healthier lifestyles and are therefore ordering healthier meals. 

Uber Eats has released the most popular healthy orders made since April, and the results are quite interesting. Instead of flocking to your regular greasy takeout favourites, many customers opted for healthier meal choices. Is this because they were making pineapple beer and pizza at home and they were craving something healthy and delicious? We cannot answer that but what we can say, is that there has been a 71% increase in meals that are fresh, natural and green. 

Self-isolated Savourness 

The most ordered healthy meal is the Poke bowl and the many iterations and flavour combinations of it.

“Since the app was able to deliver under level four of the lockdown, there has been a steep increase in food orders that are fresh, organic, and health-conscious. Consumers have developed a taste that appreciates raw and natural ingredients, highlighting the global movement towards healthier lifestyle choices since the pandemic,” says Ailyssa Pretorius, General Manager of Uber Eats in South Africa. 

Favourite Foods Ordered 

Uber Eats reports that the keyword ‘healthy’ grew by 82% from customer searches further solidifying the trend towards living leaner and greener. Protein bars and spring rolls were among the most popular snacks ordered while the fruity smoothies were a fan favourite drink, proving that every meal and beverage was given a healthy overhaul by locals. 

Most popular healthy items in April 2020:
Mushroom Stir FryMixed Vegetable and Fruit BoxFrozen Mixed BerriesFresh Orange JuiceCanned Tuna

Most popular healthy dishes 2019
Chicken WrapsSteak and Vegetable WrapsProtein StripsGreen SaladVegetable Wraps

“Uber Eats understands that the tastes of our community are continually changing which is why we are always working on providing the best possible meals to select from. Whether it’s a post-workout smoothie, a protein-rich evening meal, or snacks to maintain energy levels throughout the day, our range of healthy options is available through contactless delivery right to your door”, concludes Pretorius. 

This data was supplied by UberEats SA

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash


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