Is our next holiday going to be at Club Med?

2020 has been quite a year already, and it’s only April. Covid-19 has forever changed the world we know it and we are all trying to adapt to this new ‘business unusual’. Lockdown was fun for the first two weeks, I finally had an excuse to cancel personal engagements and just relax at home – guilt free, I could try out some new recipes I never had time to try before like a mussel chowder and Dalgona coffee, I also had an excuse to wear active wear all day. However, 30 days in and I really need to see my hairdresser, I would kill for a facial and a massage and I’m already planning my next holiday.

The thing about working from home is that it’s difficult to switch off, you also don’t have a break (driving to meetings etc) you’re always online. I’ve never worked so hard before in my whole life. However Covid-19 has also shown us what’s important, and while your luxury vehicle and designer clothes are nice to have’s, what’s important is family and friends. I can’t wait to see my family again after this.

I was also planning to get married this September, we’ve pushed the date out to April 2021 for the time being. Here’s hoping it’s not longer. We would still like to travel this year when our borders open, I’m thinking about a beach holiday where we can just tan, snorkel, eat, and relax in a beautiful setting.

If you’re also itching to go on holiday, Club Med has been kind enough to share some of their latest specials with us:

Whether it’s a trip planned with family or friends or a couples’ getaway – all these trips need to happen. Romantic walks on the beach, sunset dinners, and floating breakfast are definitely something to look forward to and make a reality.  Here are some ideas for an all-inclusive holiday with your plus one, in Bali, Greece or Mauritius:

A common theme during lockdown is learning a new skill. Learning something new will never get old even post Covid-19. Club Med resorts are the perfect haven for active couples wanting to learn new skills so how about learning to ski or snowboard with the family in the Swiss Alps? Here is how Club Med brings that to life:

Club Med resorts actually make up the largest sports playground in the world with each of the resorts having over 40 signature activities and these include but are not limited to; Beach Volleyball, Tennis, Flying trapeze, and many, many more! There definitely is lots and lots to look forward to post Covid-19

For more information visit

Where are you planning to go post Covid?


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