Hotels across Dubai stood in solidarity to show their commitment to battling the health pandemic, Coronaviris Covid-19 that has cast a shadow over communities across the world by lighting up glowing hearts across their hotel properties.

Joining a global initiative, the city’s hotels turned off their room lights and illuminated windows
on their facades to create the symbol of love – with the aim to inspire hope through a simple, yet
powerful, visual communication.

I am speechless, this is magnificent, through this pandemic may we all find our humility and how strong we are together. I’ve only ever been to Dubai for layovers, but even at the airport you can feel the people of Dubai’s warmth, they’re so welcoming, they all just want you to have a good time. I wish I was in Dubai to see this, but I can only imagine the feeling of solidarity the people of Dubai must feel, seeing this together. Well done to the hotels of Dubai, this is phenomenal.


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