Mango gives back to the youth of tomorrow

Guys, I saw the cutest little kiddies on the gram this weekend and I just had to share the pics and their stories with you. How sweet are these tiny tots? Seeing these little ones made me want to investigate, what Mango airlines was doing with them, and here it goes…

Mango has a campaign at the moment called GoDiscover where they introduce kiddies to the aviation industry at OR Tambo airport. How sweet and how cool is that? As just about every little boy/girl wants to be a pilot when they grow up.

On this specific day, Mango airlines spoilt some kiddies from Kiddies’ Hope Early Nursery School by introducing them to the world of aviation, they had an educational tour through every department at Mango, shadowing their heroes who usher the Mangoland travelers safely to their destinations every day. I’m sure they absolutely adored it!

How cute are these kiddies!

The tour through Mangoland included a walk-through of the airport, the Mango head office, and the SAA technical department. This experience introduced the little ones to a ‘life In the day of’ of all the functionalities at Mango. For those little ones who don’t want to be pilots when they’re big, they’ve now been exposed to the roles of air hostesses, air traffic controllers, marketers, and more.

The children had an opportunity to fly with Mango, and for most of them, this was the first time they had ever been on a plane before. I can just imagine how excited they all were. The children took a return flight from Johannesburg to Durban, which was an opportunity for some to live their dream.

Every year, Xolani Sithole, the caretaker who runs Kiddies’ Hope Early Nursery School takes the oldest kids from the school (about 12-15 Grade 1 learners) on an educational tour. The goal is to expose them to varying and exciting professions in order to encourage early childhood development, with the belief that the earlier they are exposed to the professional world, the better. I absolutely love this concept and I wish someone did this for me when I was little.

It’s never too early to introduce young children to what might be their future profession. Well done Mango for introducing your GoDiscover campaign, I’m sure you’re planting many a seed that might grow within these children throughout the years and I’m sure this campaign will help generate some future Mangonites in the process too.


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