Dr.Beckmann Odour Remover

Did you know that odours in laundry are the second biggest problem after stains? 70% of individuals feel
uncomfortable with a ‘’musty smell” with a further 67% feeling uncomfortable with the smell after excercise as well as smells from everyday events like cooking.

ACDOCO SA has extended its Dr. Beckmann range, offering to include the highly effective Odour Remover. Dr.Beckmann prides itself on innovation and efficacy of laundry and household products and the Odour Remover definitely lives up to this reputation. Instead of masking undesirable odours, the new Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover eliminates them from deep within the fiber fabrics. Clothes don’t just feel good on, but also have a pleasant and fresh fragrance.

Special active substances remove unpleasant odours, prevent new odours from forming and create long-lasting freshness. The unique anti-odour complex formula also has depot capsules which attach to the fibres and break open when the garments are worn. This way, newly emerging odours can be neutralised before they can attach to the fibres. “We all want to have that freshly-washed confidence,” says Dana Leibovitz, Marketing Manager, ACDOCO SA.

“Whether you are cooking in the kitchen for a family dinner, dancing the night away with your friends or working through a tough gym session, Dr. Beckmann Odour Remover allows you to enjoy every moment to the maximum without being self-conscious about unpleasant odours”.


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