Wixworth Gin – Be a classic

I don’t know about you, but this summer heat has me lying on my pink flamingo floatie (Penelope), lathered in my Island Tribe SPF50, sipping G&T’s out of my coconut shaped sippy cup. This is how summer days were meant to be spent right?

I love a good G&T and with the increase in the consumer palette for such delicacies, gin companies and gin bars are starting to get creative… and I must admit, I like it. I was first introduced to Wixworth gin at Tonic gin bar in Linden. It was light, crisp and simply delicious. I had it paired with fresh granadilla and tonic water and another one with candfloss, both were great. I was recently gifted a bottle of Wixworth gin over the holidays, and I’m enjoying it more and more.

Five things I like about this gin:

  1. It’s pretty to look at: The packaging is something you’d want to display in your bar area. An amber green bottle with a red sticker on it – it’s sure to garner your attention, and it houses a light, crisp, refreshing drink inside. Just add some pink rose tonic, and some strawberries and you’re ready for a weekend of relaxing by the pool with loved ones.
  2. It’s proudly South African: The entrepreneurial family who conceptualised this delicious powerhouse treat explored tried and tested gin-making methods and ingredients, dating all the way back to the 17th century before launching their range. Hence where the tagline ‘Be a Classic’ comes from.
  3. It tastes great: This gin has a distinctive taste, that must be due to the 6 botanicals used in the creation of this treat. I would describe this gin as dry, and crisp with a dominant juniper flavour, along with citrus notes and hints of spices (OK, so maybe I read that on the bottle), but since I read that, I really can taste all those things now. In addition to the 6 botanicals, Wixworth gin encompasses sundried leave of the indigenous renosterbos, evoking a refreshing, herbaceous infusion that awakens a unique sensory experience of the SA landscape.
  4. Their heart is in the right place: This entrepreneurial powerhouse is passionate about animal conservation in SA (we’ll raise a glass to that) and that is why, for every bottle sold, Wixworth contributes a percentage to the stoprhinopoaching.com initiative, so you can have a happy heart knowing that you aren’t just enjoying a delicious gin when you choose Wixworth, you’re supporting local entrepreneurs and you’re giving back to a good cause.
  5. The price is right: It’s only R299 for this 750ml bottle of gin.

Where can you get yours from?

  • Wixworth Gin is available on Takealot.com, Makro, and at selected liquor stores and restaurants nationwide (I know Tonic gin bar in Linden stocks it). Ask for it by name at your favourite establishment or look out for it in-store – its distinctive, the elongated green bottle and a striking red tag are sure to grab your attention.

Every occasion is worth celebrating. Complement it with a classic.

For more information:

Website: www.wixworth.com
Facebook: Wixworth Gin
Instagram: @wixworthgin


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