Mini Review: The Prawnery

Looking for a new dinner-time spot to try out? Then I would recommend The Prawnery in Illovo.

I had a sensational dinner there the other day! Dyl and I shared a selection of starters and meze that included garlic mussels in a white wine sauce, rock shrimp with spicy mayo, prawn dumplings and the Swedish Skagen. Personally, the Skagen and rock shrimp were my favorites although everything was delicious.

Next up were 6 queen prawns with a gorgeous garlic and parsley sauce and some buttered asparagus. The food was so delicious I couldn’t stop eating. I had to be rolled out of there 

The frozen margarita was beautiful and generous in terms of its size, but the mojito was my favourite as it was zesty, light and fresh. However, this is just a personal preference. To be honest, I enjoy this restaurant so much that I come through regularly. Oh, and before I forget, the oyster shot is so unbelievably delicious I could drink it as a full-sized cocktail. 

The restaurant is warm and welcoming and the staff well trained, my only issue is the parking. You need to park in a little spot across the road and parking is always R25+ every time I have dinner at this establishment. It doesn’t stop me from coming back though.

Have you eaten at The Prawnery and what were your thoughts?


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