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Having just turned 30, aging is definitely more on my mind now than it was a few years ago. Hence my love for collagen supplements. At the moment I’m using Be Bright Collagen, I like that it comes in glass, that fact alone immediately piques my interest. It’s recyclable, the glass can be used again and it just looks more sophisticated than plastic ever could. I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging.

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How it works:

Collagen works by holding the skin cells together. Hydrolysed collagen such as Be Bright collagen can be taken orally, the tasteless, powder format allows it to easily be added to coffee, smoothies, and soups, allowing your body to rapidly absorb the nutrients. The hydrolysing process allows the amino acid chains to be broken down into tiny peptides which your body can then use to rebuild the weakened collagen structures throughout your body.

Why you need it:

After the age of 25, our collagen production starts to slow down, and so taking a supplement such as Be Bright can help to make your skin look youthful and your joints feel good, collagen also assists with other ailments such as pain relief from arthritis and leaky gut. While I’ve tried a variety of drinkable, capsule and powder supplements, Be Bright is, in my opinion, one of the best options out there.

Be Bright’s hydrolysed collagen powder is 100% pure which means that your body can absorb it quickly because it recognises that it’s identical to the collagen you already have. All you need is one heaped tablespoon of Be Bright a day to start seeing results. Best results are seen after 3 months but some people start seeing a difference after as little as 2 weeks. I definitely noticed that my nails started growing quicker, my hair sprouted a bunch of new baby hair and my skin has a great glow to it. This is a collagen powder I will definitely be repurchasing as I’ve seen the results. I give this range a 5/5 for packaging, being odorless and tasteless (this is a good thing) and for efficacy. If you take the recommended daily dosage, a 350g jar (R470) and 700g jar (R800) will last you up to 35 and 70 days.

You can buy Be Bright collagen powder online at 

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