We didn’t have an engagement party, but you totally should…

We decided not to have an engagement party after our magnificent engagement in Turkey, earlier this year. We decided to rather start saving for the wedding itself. Logistics played a major role in this decision as our family is scattered all over the country, so we thought it an expensive exercise to ask them all to come together to celebrate our engagement, we celebrated this momentous occasion in our lives together and it was simply magical.

Are you recently engaged and looking to have an engagement party? Here are 4 options that are a little ‘different’ that would work for me and mine, would they work for you and yours too? Personally, I believe the people who are with you make or break the party. If you have great people who are there to celebrate love and have a fab time, you can have your engagement party anywhere and they will bring the party.

Option 1: 54 on Bath (Rosebank)

I would advise having your special day in their champagne garden. If I were you I would have a balloon arch around their swing (do it for the gram) and I’d have a high tea vibe – some champagne and canapes. You could play croquet, have some speeches, and just have fun chatting to all your nearest and dearest.

Option 2: The Rock Diner (Fourways)

The Rock Diner has a lovely upstairs area that’s beautiful and breezy and they don’t charge venue hire (what a win). They are also super flexible about doing platters, set menu’s and making the event personalised and enjoyable for all guests. I would look at bringing in a flower wall for those IG pics though.

Option 3: Marble (Keyes Art Mile)

This venue has some gorgeous private dining rooms and a lovely bar overlooking the city. I would definitely consider them for cocktails and canapes. I would meet with the owner ahead of time and ask if he could do canapes and certain cocktails within your budget, I don’t see them turning away a big party. This venue has some fabulous art and views of the city so that’s instagramable enough.

Option 4: Altitude beach bar (Fourways)

Depending on what kind of family you have, this could be a fun option. They have a private dining room upstairs where you could meet, mingle, eat, do speeches and then you could move on downstairs to have a razzel and some drinks by the pool. I would recommend having your party during the week though as they charge R150 entrance fee on weekends. This venue also doesn’t need anything else brought into it.

Did you have an engagement party? If you did, where did you have yours?

Photo by michael negrete on Unsplash


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