’tis the season for multi-masking

2019 has been an incredible year, and as we start to wind down the last few weeks of the year I’m starting to see my skin taking a toll and so started my journey with multi-masking. Multi-masking is when you use more than one mask on your face, at the same time, each mask addressing a different area of concern. It’s almost 2019 babes, we have access to the internet and so we need to give our skin what it needs! Moisture for the dry patches, oil control for our breakout areas and protection for our sensitive areas.

I was gifted a Nimue multi-masking kit and I’m going to trying it out tonight! This is one of the smartest skincare tricks at the moment, addressing different skincare concerns all at the same time. I’ve got to get my skin looking holiday-ready, so when I lie under the tree on Christmas morning, to remind Dr. bae that I am one of his gifts, he welcomes me with open arms, LOL. Don’t judge me, we have a wedding we need to save for. Can we also get a young shout-out for this packaging, I mean…. how cute is it…

The kit I received contains three different masks:

  1. The Nimue clarifying mask: This mask is designed to remove impurities and excess oil, while still retaining moisture to the skin. I’ll be using this mask on my T-zone.
  2. The rejuvenating mask: This mask reduces the signs of premature aging and leaves the skin feeling hydrated, bright, smooth and more radiant. I’m going to put this mask around my eyes and lips. I may secretly put it all over my whole face and body too, to slow down the appearance of aging – hello fountain of youth.
  3. The super hydrating mask: This mask is moisture-rich and hydrates and soothes dry, dehydrated skin. This mask restores softness, suppleness, and radiance to the skin. I’ll be applying it to my cheeks.

Peep my Instagram to see my before and after images.

You can purchase your multi-masking kit at all Nimue salons and stockists, it should sell for about R590. This is a lovely treat for you and your sisters/friends to do together while watching Christmas movies.



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