Adam and Eve wine, it’s a limited edition

The first thing you’ll notice about this enchanted wine set is its magnificent packaging. This box set, created by Vergenoegd Löw vineyards is an enchanted wine, where you’ll find red Merlot grapes that have been caressed by the sun and dew and are far more tantalizing than any forbidden fruit. This wine was inspired by the original tale of temptation and their master winemakers have transformed these grapes, into two seductively delicious, limited edition wines. The narrative around these wines is the stuff that love stories are made of. The packaging is what drew me in, the taste is what kept me enchanted and once I gave in to temptation, I saw what the fuss was all about with this collector’s item.

Light and dark, him and her, tropical fruit and irresistible red berries are brought to life as two sides of the same story.  This wine has been handcrafted to the vineyards award-winning standards, each of these wines is a unique expression of the flesh they share. Will you be able to resist the temptation?


This wine is a young, fresh and easy-drinking wine. He is a modern take on a traditional merlot and he’s sinfully delicious. He’s bold and bursting with flavours of soft, ripe plum, red berries enticements, and strawberry sorbet. He is handcrafted from the first harvest of the season, he is silky and complex and once he is opened, he likes to stand for a while before being enjoyed chilled. In terms of the bottle design, unwrap Adams sleeve to reveal the forbidden apple of the bottle, will you take a bite?


This wine is perfectly clear, but don’t be fooled, she’s not nearly as innocent as she looks. She’s the first WHITE Merlot for this vineyard. She’s harvested early to capture and preserve the unique flavours of merlot. She’s delicate but lively and she boasts gentle tropical fruit notes with subtle hints of citrus and lemon zest. She likes to be chilled and enjoyed immediately. Unwrap Eve’s sleeve to reveal a sinful snake on the bottle, will you be led to temptation?

She’s my personal favourite, Eve, maybe it’s because she’s so unique being a white merlot, maybe it’s her citrus undertones? I don’t know what it is, but personally I can’t get enough of her. She’s like an experience that you try once, but after the first sip, you just want more. It’s a crazy love affair that starts when you see her and engulfs you once you taste her. Try it for yourself to see what all the hype is about.

Treat yourself to a two-bottle carrier pack, this pack doesn’t just look exquisite, it cocoons a 750ml bottle of Adam, a traditional 2019 red merlot and a 750ml bottle of Eve, a unique 2019 white merlot. Both have a resealable glass vinolok making the two bottles 100% reusable and both are packaged in a unique two-bottle carrier, which makes it perfect for gifting. It’s also a magnificent collector’s pair. This pair goes on sale for R390 for a limited time only.

This pair is sinfully delicious and eat sip will have you yearning for another one and another one. I’ve got two bottles tucked away for Christmas; I hope you do too.

Purchase a limited edition two-bottle carrier pack and WIN your share of R50 000.00 in indulgent prizes! Look out for the golden apple for your unique code. Enter your unique code on the website and stand a chance to win.


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