Happy 13th Birthday Mango Airlines!

13 years ago Mango airlines lit up the sky in orange. Wow, I guess it’s true, time flies when you’re having fun!

What’s changed at this orange carrier over the last 13 years? Well, they have new flight routes, new management, and a new loyalty program, Mango is embracing its adolescence as it soars into a brave new future. I’m pretty excited to see what’s in store. I have such fond memories of the airline – it usually involves getting ready to fly to Durbs to see my family. When I lived in Fourways I used to fly from Lanseria, and they were one of the few airlines who flew from there which was a big help for this local jet-setter.

As Mango Airlines becomes a teenager, the airline enters an awkward phase where potential is packaged as ambition, growing pains and delayed flights. Mango Airlines CEO, Nico Bezuidenhout says that teens are more than just anguish and anxiety. “We’re finding our independent spirit, we’re energetic and adventurous. More than anything, we’re primed for growth.”

Bezuidenhout says that part of growing up means taking responsibility. He believes that no other aspect of an airline’s operations is as impactful as on-time performance (OTP). “Mango’s OTP is 75% and we know it’s not good enough,” says Bezuidenhout. “We want our guests to travel with peace of mind. Mango aims to improve OTP to 80% within the next three months and get to 85% by June 2020.” YASSSS!

Mango is about to embark on a re-optimisation drive to reach its targets which will focus on five key components of OTP improvement: analysis, rescheduling, maintenance, communication, and recovery plans.


“We are meeting with our stakeholders to discuss a re-scheduling strategy that will ensure our most popular routes remain intact. Mango’s mandate is to ensure that our guest arrives on time.”


“We are in talks with SAAT to establish a new maintenance schedule that will carefully consider optimised maintenance as well as improved flight schedules.”


“We have already put a team in place to determine the root causes of delays from both a quantitative perspective and a qualitative perspective.”


“Reconsidered communication channels and methods between scheduling and operations personnel to improve guest feedback and information delay.”

Recovery plans:

“Mango will also be looking at delay avoidance and recover strategies such as time buffers to enhance our OTP over the next couple of months.”

“Over the last thirteen years, we have grown, we have learned, and we couldn’t be more excited for the next 13 years. There is so much to do, but I have full confidence that we can and will surpass all expectations,” concludes Bezuidenhout.

What are your fondest memories with Mango Airlines?


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