Five things to pack when planning a trip to the UK in Winter

I recently traveled to the UK for the first time (Oct/Nov) and was a little less prepared than I should’ve been. Here’s what I wish I had on me and what you should pack if you’re planning a trip there around this time too.

  1. Pack a pocket umbrella: The weather changes hourly in the UK, so you can start the day with the sun shining, and then a few hours later it’s drizzling. It didn’t rain hard when I was in the UK, it drizzles just enough to mess up your hair and get you a little bit wet, So, those small little umbrellas that can fit in your handbag or the back pocket of your jeans are perfect.
  2. A small back-pack: We explored a lot in the UK and went to loads of museums and other tourist attractions. So, while it’s bitterly cold outside, it’s really warm inside all the attractions, so I found as I walked inside the buildings I started un-layering and then I walked around with a coat, jacket, and scarf. A little backpack to store that all in would’ve come in handy and freed up my hands a bit more.
  3. Hand sanitiser: You touch a lot of public spaces in the UK, escalator rails, handrails on the underground and poles/handholds on the trains. Some hand santiser would’ve come in handy as people were coughing and sneezing and I really didn’t want to get sick while on holiday.
  4. Plasters: We walked A LOT in the UK, I’m talking 20 000 – 25 000 steps a day, I literally got blisters on my heels that bled. Even though I was wearing walking shoes. I would advise you to apply plasters to your heels from day one so you don’t get to the point where you are getting blisters. By day 16 I was ready to go home, just because my feet and heels were so sore.
  5. Dress accordingly: Put fashion second as you don’t want to get sick while on holiday. A long coat/jacket that covers your bum is a must, I would also recommend getting a pair of gloves and a beanie. If you don’t have gloves/a beanie and don’t want to spend a lot on them, Primark sells them for R20+ each.

What are your recommendations for traveling to the UK in Winter? Let me know in the comments section.


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