Are you taking care of your vagina?

You know me guys, never one to shy away from controversy or uncomfortable topics. This morning we are chatting about vagina’s, and if you’re giving yours the TLC it deserves.

Here are some tips for self-care:

  1. It’s important to keep the vagina clean and dry.¹ Moist vaginas encourage yeast and bacteria growth, and infections. No-one has time for that!
  2. The type of material your panties are made of could complicate things. Fabrics like cotton are breathable, while satin traps moisture. When moisture is trapped, there is less airflow, and this could increase friction and irritation ‘down there’.  So, try to wear cotton underwear for everyday use and keep your silky’s for sexy time.
  3. When you’ve had a great workout at the gym, change out of your sweaty gear as soon as possible to keep bacteria away from your girly bits.
  4. Washing your intimate areas is a given, and a great way to do this would be by making the GynaGuard range of pH balancing intimate products part of your feminine hygiene routine.

These tips were shared with us by Gyna Guard. South Africa’s No. 1 Feminine Hygiene products² which are gentle enough for everyday use, safeguarding those special places. GynaGuard is available from retail stores and leading pharmacies.

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