Founder FOODS Launches in Durban

They don’t just specialise in whole foods, they aim to raise the bar within the food industry.

Fork for fork or spoon for spoon, nothing fills a tummy quite like a healthy and nutritious plate of food with friends and family. Founder Foods has just opened its doors in Durban, making healthy food shopping and access to natural food and supplies much easier for all of us. While they’re the new kid on the block, it’s no surprise why their store is already bustling. One of Founder Foods’ trademarks is that they offer ‘the widest range of natural, whole-foods that are free-from’, all while offering a turnkey approach to healthy living and wellbeing.

They currently support 3 community projects within our product range in store. The objective is to give more smallholder farmers and community projects a sales channel, especially in the fresh produce space.

Founded by a one-woman powerhouse, Roxanne McLean, from the food manufacturing industry, she was craving an alternative natural shopping experience that provided access to more whole foods, and that’s how Founder Foods was formed. The new Durban store is almost entirely pay-by-weight, offering customers the opportunity to take as little or as much as they need. It also boasts a host of innovative features such as in-store recipe access per product, packaging-free options, online ordering, and a 100% ingredient transparency policy. McLean is a retail pioneer with a vision to make natural and whole-food more accessible to empower you to live life well.

You can expect to find 100% natural, whole-food ingredients that are GMO-free in this store, in order to empower you to live life more naturally. Everyday necessities such as beans, lentils, baking, sprouts, and spices as well as basic fresh produce such as avocados and beetroot are all available in store. Their ingredients are sourced directly from the farm, they’re GMO-free and don’t contain unpronounceable ingredients.

This process gives the brand credibility and supports our agricultural heritage as well as our local economy where possible. Less traveled food is always better. This is one company that has nothing to hide, they disclose 100% of their known ingredients, origins and manufacturing processes. All of their suppliers are compliant with food safety requirements and commit to ethical sourcing policies.

The latest Founder Foods store can be found at 2 Village Road, Kloof, Durban should you wish to have an in-store experience. This is how they work, you explore their generous selection of grains, baking, superfoods, and fresh produce to name a few, scoop your desired amount into the paper bags provided (or bring your own containers), weigh your products and then pay for them. They also offer guests an online experience where you can order online, pay, and they will pack and weigh your order. You can collect your ready-prepared order while out and about.

As consumers become more aware of the damage pesticides have on the body, combined with our stress-filled lives and the impact our choices are having on the environment, the focus on natural, whole-food products will increase and there will be a huge demand for this kind of shopping experience.

This company’s vision is to inspire a food culture that nurtures our health, our families, our sense of community, and the earth.

They do this by:

·       Keeping things natural: They focus on products with less processing, additives, chemicals, and waste.

·       Keeping it simple: They use diverse foods that are simple to produce and cook

·       Keeping it colourful: Use all the gorgeous colours of nature to keep your meals balanced.

·       Cook it yourself: This will avoid diet issues and prevent unwanted additives from being introduced to your meal.

This company is passionate about making healthy living convenient, and easy to find. Founder Foods isn’t your everyday store, it’s an experience, it’s a destination, and it’s a lifestyle.

How to contact Founder Foods:

Address: 2 Village Road, Kloof, Durban

General Enquiries:

Call us: 087 152 0159

Speaking, Collaborations & Press:

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