Uber Eats Presents The Local Cravings Report

There’s nothing more satisfying than placing a food delivery order and having it arrive as you’d imagined, without having to leave the house – whether that means swapping rice for pap or holding off on the tomatoes. 

That is why we are getting ready to release the first-ever Uber Eats Cravings Report in South Africa. 

We’re all about getting your order right – however, you want it. These are some of the most popular delivery requests, some of the most unusual combinations, and of course, some of the wackiest comments from the last year. 

Let’s leave this off

It should be no surprise that tomato was the most requested food item to be left of any meal, with a total of over 200 000 orders placed over the last year that asked for the red vegetable to be left off. That’s about 3 300 tomatoes saved from being picked off and wasted. Sauces finished off in second place, with mayonnaise being voted the least favourite since it was the most requested condiment to be left off. Rounding off the list was garnish items like lettuce and onion being removed from burgers to noodles. 

Local is lekker 

At least 1 000 meals have asked to swap out rice as starch for pap. The local staple is loved so much, that many Eaters are willing to pay an additional restaurant fee to have it delivered with their meal. 

Chakalaka and achaar were also commonly used to replace chilli relish or BBQ sauce. It seems that the spicier the food the better it is for locals, who have on plenty of occasions stated that they prefer hot to extra hot when selecting the flaming flavour. South African flavours are a must and included with some local favourites including Kotas and vetkoek. Some orders request that a tomato base be replaced with a chakalaka base on pizzas. 

Emotional eaters because why not? 

Exam periods and test weeks leave students with high-stress levels, that can best be counteracted with slap chips. Other emotionally-charging occasions including, graduations, Valentine’s Day and Premier League Weekends, were also when the app experienced an influx in orders. 

Pay it forward 

Many requests were received asking the restaurant to give parts of their order like chips, coffee and rolls to the delivery-partner when the order is picked up, so that they may enjoy it while still warm. As the cravings report continues to be unravelled and more weird wallops and crazy cravings are discovered, one thing is for sure, South Africans are as loving as they are unique and while some orders raise eyebrows, other requests warm hearts. 


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