Face Oil Round-Up

by | Sep 14, 2019

I’m a fan of face oils. You can still use a face oil if you have oily skin, in my opinion, it works better than a moisturiser. These are the top three I’ve tried.

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Nuxe Multi-Purpose Oil (R330 for 50ml)

The glass packaging with gold lid and spritz detail make this a luxurious feature in any bathroom or on any dressing table.  It has a light, gorgeous scent which makes it feel like a treatment when applying it. This multi-purpose oil can be used on your face, skin, and hair. 95% of the ingredients in this product are of a natural origin. This product is enriched with nourishing Tsubaki oil, this oil is an antioxidant that acts as a shield against pollution.

When I used this product on my skin, my skin felt soft and silky without feeling oily. You can use this range on its own or you can mix it with moisturizer. I used it on my face, neck and décolleté as is. When I used the product on my hair, it made my hair feel soft and shiny. I used it on the ends of my hair as a hair treatment 10 mins before I washed it. I used this treatment on my hair once a week and loved the results. This range is free from preservatives, mineral oils, and silicone.

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Elizabeth Arden 8h oil (R425 for 100ml)

The plastic packaging makes this range easy to transport if you’re an avid traveler like I am. I take a face oil with me everywhere I go, I apply a bit every few hours when I fly and I enjoy that you can use this product on your skin and hair. Like the Nuxe oil, this product is a spritzer and the range also has a lovely, inviting scent.

This product, like the Nuxe range, is enriched with Tsubaki oil. This 8h oil is clinically proven to moisturize for up to 12h after use, leaving skin hydrated, luminous and smooth, without a greasy after-feel. Hair retains the moisture and shine after you use it. This oil can be used as a cuticle softener, to create instant shine, the scent promotes a sense of well-being, it can be used to massage away stress, it can be used as a post-shave moisturizer, and it reduces dry skin. I love this range and use it whenever I travel, I actually use the whole 8h range as it works really well for my dry, sensitive skin.

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Lulu & Marula nourishing treatment oil (R400 for 50ml)

This product has glass packaging and the lid encompasses a dropper. This facial oil deeply hydrates, repairs and protects the skin for a youthful, healthy glow. While the other facial oils were clear or had a light colour, this range has a deep yellow/brown colour. This range also had a natural scent, the others were floral, and this one was a little less subtle. I didn’t love the scent, but Dyll said he thought it was a lovely scent so the scent really depends on the person. It goes away quite quickly though so it’s nothing to worry about.

This range uses super oils like Marula, Red Raspberry, Rosehip and Shea Buckthorn to encourage cell regeneration, to rejuvenate your skin to fight pigmentation, dullness and fine lines. This range is rich in essential vitamins and omegas to brighten and replenish the skin’s natural barrier with the goodness it needs.  This was the first facial oil I’d ever used and I did repurchase it. My skin looked gorgeous with this range and I would highly recommend it again.

While I love facial oils, they can create a bit of buildup on the skin over time, so it’s important to use a good exfoliator once a week. An enzyme-based exfoliator is best as the enzymes work like little Pac-man’s to eat away at any nasties that could cause a breakout. I exfoliate 3x a week when I’m about to menstruate and I find that works wonders (when I do that). Do you use facial oils and do you find they work for you?

I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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