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by | Sep 4, 2019

As many of you may/may not know. I flew business class for the first time, in April this year and I love the airline, which is why I always talk about their latest innovations. We sat down with Cape-Town-born Laeticia Sophia Orie, a cabin crew member for one of the world’s most recognised airlines Emirates.

Did you know that a workday of a cabin crew member can be as long as 24 hours and can span across two continents? Not to mention, catering for over 100 flight passengers while maintaining poise and class. Not a typical day in the office by any means.

Laeticia is incredibly passionate about her craft and has been servicing Emirates passengers for over three years. When she isn’t globetrotting, Laeticia spends her time baking and spending time with friends that have become her family in Dubai.

Over the years, Emirates has provided unmatched hospitality onboard its flights’ thanks to an excellent, multilingual cabin crew that goes above and beyond to ensure that every passenger feels at home.

See our Q&A with her below:

Name:  Laeticia Sophia Orie

Age: 24 

City of Birth: Cape Town  

When did you start working with Emirates? I joined Emirates on 17 June 2016.

How did you apply to work for Emirates and what was the process like? I applied online on the official Emirates website. It was a competitive process as there were many applicants, however, only a few were given positions at the end (myself included). I enjoyed the application process because it taught me so much about myself.

How was your training experience with Emirates? Very exciting! The training lasted for 6-8 weeks, but the experience is truly one I will never forget. It was challenging at first because I had no idea what it took to become a qualified cabin crew member – the in-depth training really changed my perspective on the occupation.

Cape Town South Africa | Q&A with Laeticia Orie | it's a Sher thing

What do you enjoy most about working with Emirates? I love that you get to work with different people all the time and it allows you to learn about different cultures. The one thing I enjoy most about the company is how cosmopolitan and diverse it is. Emirates has taught me so much and opened my eyes to a world I knew existed but never got to experience before.

How do you balance work and life? I always listen to my body. I exercise every other day because I’ve learnt that staying fit helps a lot with the work I do. Exercise also helps with my mental clarity and focus, aiding my sleep and ensuring I’m refreshed and ready for a busy flight schedule.

How do you prepare for a flight? I pack my suitcase and cabin bag before resting for the flight. I take a shower then start with my hair and makeup. I usually eat a nutritious meal after I’ve done my hair and before I start my makeup.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love spending time with my friends, who have become my family here in Dubai. We go to the gym or the cinema, they cook, and I bake because it’s my speciality. I’m a rugby lover, so I try to stay up to date with the sport and catch up on games.

What is it like living in Dubai? It is an experience that I feel everyone should have, even for a couple of months. Dubai is everything you see online and all over the billboards. Glamorous, modern, big city life. 

Favourite destination and why? Auckland, New Zealand. I love the city because it reminds me so much of my hometown. The people there are so kind and laid back, nature is absolutely beautiful, and there’s a calmness about the city that attracts me. 

Do you have any hidden talents? I like to think that baking is my hidden talent. When I bake, I feel at ease as if this is what I’m meant to be doing. I love it!

What is your in-flight beauty regime? 

I use water-based makeup. For example, I use a powder foundation instead of liquid foundation. I also have a face mister I use in-flight with rose water that I spray on my face to keep it hydrated throughout the flight

What are your three favourite beauty products? 

Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour cream for my face; Clinique’s 72-hour moisturizer before the flight and Elizabeth Arden’s eight-hour lip balm during the flight to keep my lips moisturized.

Can you share any advice on making the best of a long haul flight?

Stay hydrated throughout the flight. When the seat belt sign goes off, try to move around the aircraft a bit to help with circulation or wear compression socks, if possible, and get as much sleep as possible.

From countries you’ve visited, flying Emirates; what and where are your favourite spas?

My favourite spa is in Johannesburg at Life Day Spa, and my second best would be The 1978 Suite in Dubai. I’m very picky when it comes to my skin, so I only go where I feel most comfortable. I also research which products they are using.


I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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