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Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser.

This cleanser has a whipped clay look and texture. It’s strong enough to remove your makeup but gentle enough not to burn or irritate the eyes. Our beauty editors reviewed this product for a month and noticed fewer breakouts, and the pores on their faces appeared less visible. While there wasn’t a dramatic difference in how their skin looked in terms of brightness, but they noticed that their skin felt clean, soothed, soft and wasn’t stiff or dry after use. You use this product by applying it to the skin and leaving it to try for 60 seconds. You then apply warm water to the skin and the ‘mousse/clay’ will become soft, and foamy so you can lather it and remove your makeup. We liked that this product incorporates both pink and green clays, which act like magnets to unclog pores and remove impurities.

We would rate this cleanser a 4/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R455,00 and can be found at most Edgars stores.

Even-tone skin correction:

Anti-Aging Art Advanced Skin Tone Corrector

We hosted an intimate event at Anti-Aging Art in Houghton two months ago and our beauty editors have been reviewing one of the very many Products that were in their goodie bags. This product encompasses advanced Brazilian complex.  This product works wonders for people who suffer from blemishes or uneven skin tone. It puts that youthful radiance back in your skin, it must be that ABC advanced Brazilian complex working. One of our editors swears she looks younger after having used this range, oh and it smells sensational too! You apply this product after you’ve washed your face. In the morning. You can also apply it directly to your blemishes at night. Then apply your SPF and moisturiser as usual and live your best, youthful life, girl!

We would rate this product as a 5/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R650, pick one up when you pop into Anti-Aging Art for your next aesthetic, biohacking, physiotherapy, treatment or pixelated brows appointment.


Skin Doctors BeeLift

This is another product we received from a Beauty Warriors event. We loved the glass packaging that this range came in as that already made the product appear to be more premium. The moisturiser appears to be thick at first, but it was surprisingly lightweight and spreads like a dream. One of our beauty editors felt a little tingling sensation when she used the product, while the other didn’t experience anything at all. We were excited to try this award-winning moisturiser and we found out for ourselves what the hype was all about. This product uses bee venom, organic Manuka Honey, and a collagen treatment in the formulation. This product works by tricking the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung and this encourages the skin to lightly contract the facial muscles which make the skin look tighter, plumper and firmer. We loved how hydrating the moisturiser was and it acted as a great primer before applying your makeup and it has a great honey/vanilla scent. Both of our beauty editors felt this product made them look younger, their skin looked smoother and they had a great glow about them. This product boost collagen production in the skin by up to 300% within just 7 days. It’s important to note that no bees were harmed in the bee venom extraction process and this product is paraben-free. You use this product morning and evening after cleansing and toning your face as usual. Please do not use this product if you are allergic to bee stings.

We would rate this product a 5/5 for everyday use.

This product retails for about R1175 and can be bought from great salons like Urban Bliss in Emmerentia. Pick one up after your next beauty treatment there. We highly recommend their facials and back massages.

Face Mask:

Sorbet Diamond Peel-Off Mask

This mask illuminates and restores your skin to ensure its left feeling radiant and fresh. This product is dermatologically approved and it’s a great way to get a spa-like experience at home. The mask looks and smells great and your skin has a lovely smooth, glow for a few hours after using it. Even after you’ve applied your makeup your glowing skin shines through. There’s diamond and platinum powder in the product so you can feel super boogie from your own home, and you can get about 3 uses out of each mask. You use this product after you’ve washed your face, just apply the mask (don’t forget to cap the product after use so it doesn’t dry out), leave it on for about 30 mins and then peel off. It’s recommended to use this range twice a week.

We would rate this product a 3/5 for weekly use.

This product retails for about R69 and can be bought from any Sorbet Salon. Pick one up after your next facial, mani/pedi or eyelash extensions session.


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