My Review of The Lion King

I remember watching the Lion King video as a child, my sisters and I watched that video so many times we knew the script off by heart. I cried when Mufasa died, I thought Nala was beautiful, even though she was a cartoon lion, I was obsessed with this movie. I had the Lion King curtains, bedspread, t-shirts, and full costume.

So, when the remake came out a few weeks ago, I HAD to go and see it. To be honest, this is the first move Dr. Bae and I went to watch together. When we met, he was a struggling student, so we watched movies at home on the laptop or TV. Now we have Netflix, so we’ve just never been to a movie together and I forgot how much fun it was.

We went to the mall of Rosebank and watched the movie at Ster Kinekor in D-Box. I loved the self-service machines, so you can order and pay for your popcorn and coke at the machine and then collect it at the counter by just showing them your slip. The D-Box experience made us feel as though we were actually there, on pride rock, and in the stampede.

You’re going to see mixed reviews on this movie as it is so nostalgic and so personal to people. Personally, I enjoyed the remake. The animals looked like real animals, they weren’t cartoony and they, therefore, lost some of the emotion that the cartoon depicts. The hyenas were scary and no, I didn’t cry this time when Mufasa died.

People have asked if I think this movie is suitable for kids and honestly, I cannot answer that. I’m not a parent and each child is different from the next. Some will love it, some will cry when the stampede happens, some will lose interest half-way and some will be scared of the hyenas. As a parent, please trust yourself and trust your way, if your friends’ aren’t taking their kids but you think your kid will enjoy it, then take them. As a 29-year-old adult, I enjoyed this date night out. The salt and vinegar popcorn and ice cold coke just made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?


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