New restaurant alert – Ethos Morningside

There’s a new date night spot opening up in Morningside that is going to be a real treat to eat at. I was lucky enough to attend a site visit to see what the store looks like as a shell right now, I cannot wait to see the finished restaurant, it’s going to be magnificent based on what the owners have described. I was also blessed enough to taste a few items from the menu and they were sensational.

My favorites were the octopus salad which is served on a rock. It was fresh and well seasoned. The cauliflower steak was surprisingly delicious, while quite sweet it accompanied the meat dishes beautifully.

A philosophy of food: ETHOS restaurant – Mediterranean inspired

This is the inspiration of ETHOS – a stellar new restaurant in the heart of Morningside, Sandton, Johannesburg, which boasts a philosophy of Mediterranean cuisine. Food has always been more to the Mediterranean people than just sustenance. Rather, it is the spirit of what defines their romance and is the vehicle through which they express their love for the world around them.

For generations, the shores of the Mediterranean have been deeply alluring: Embedded in its story is not only the warmth of its spirit but the romance of its tales and its people – the feeling of timelessness brought on by its ancient and iconic landscapes. Synonymous with the depths of culture, beautiful in its historic and natural makeup, it will forever be compelling for the fables it shares: The Mediterranean will always fascinate us for what it reveals most – that humanity is more than just breathing…it’s alive!

In Johannesburg, a world away, this philosophy finds a home. Far from the distant shores of the infinitely alluring, Joburgers also find comfort and culture in the culinary experience and how food brings us all together. Now, at ETHOS, that gastronomic delight reaches its apex as its creators look to bring you the ultimate Mediterranean experience through an immersive culinary affair with food.

ETHOS has been a lifetime in the making and it’s more than just another restaurant, said founder Chris Tatsakis renown Joburg restaurateur– it’s an experience of the very Mediterranean soul that put us on this path in the first place. Italian, Greek, Spanish – all offered with astounding quality and an overwhelming sense of authenticity. In addition, renowned chef Garth Shnier a culinary genius, and four up and coming South African chefs will lead the kitchen into the gastronomic promised land, while the overall visit will bring delight at every turn. Every detail has been thought out.

From the menu to the interior, from the uniforms of staff to its extraordinary entrance, they have meticulously laid out the Mediterranean story, bringing extravagance at every corner and a message of authenticity. But, ever aware of the highveld’s tastes and the landscape that has come to chisel our own fables, ETHOS has been sure to embed authenticity within a local narrative.

  • Our South African dry-aged meat will be cooked on charcoal bringing comfort to the experience, emboldening our Mediterranean flavours. By carefully picking only the best suppliers has ensured our Angus & Wagy beef comes from renown farms. Sparta and Woodview in the heart of the Free State, known for its abundant clean air and hand-selecting for marbling ensuring every bite is filled with all the flavour you would expect from ETHOS.
  • Flare is in no short supply explains Chris, and within the private dining room, a piece of the Med will join distinguished guests on a night to be remembered. The unique feature brings life to the dining experience, as will the herringbone wooden floor, tastefully used brass, and organic Mediterranean textiles, specifically chosen to
    facilitate an escape – an escape to that world where the spirit of the Mediterranean takes over.
  • Joining us is about history. About culture. About love. About soul. About integrity but most importantly it’s about food, those simple flavours that have been defining the Mediterranean since the beginning of time, and those exquisite dishes that will be with us to the end. That is our ETHOS – our philosophy of food.
  • ETHOS will be opening its doors this September. For reservations, details and more,
    please contact Chris van Zyl 0723613968 & Helen Tatsakis 0844560200.



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