Five reasons why I love being an entrepreneur

Your time is a privilege:

To own your own time is an absolute privilege. I no longer have the Sunday blues, I get to work from my lounge, in a tracksuit and I can pop out for appointments as need be, without having to report into anyone. I manage my own time, my own deadlines and my own workloads. It’s a different type of stress, but I’m loving it. I’ve also learned how to quote, bill for my time and turn down jobs that are not profitable.


I’m able to manage my time, clients and income according to what I’ve got going on in my life at that stage. I set my priorities in order of importance and work my way through them.

You’re constantly evolving:

You’re continuously increasing your skill set, learning new tricks of the trade, and you’re always looking for new ways to make money. You don’t feel resentful when you’re working late, you feel empowered and blessed to have the work. Working for yourself is a completely different mindset.

You are in control of your future:

I’m an ‘A’ type personality. I like to take control and make decisions without having someone telling me what to do. I love getting to choose who I work with and what projects I take on, reputation is everything and I only take on projects I’m passionate about.

You learn how mentally strong you are:

Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak of mind, you can go from crying that you have no work and not knowing what your next step is, to gaining 3 clients worth R70k overnight. it’s an emotional rollercoaster. You need to stay positive, chase new business and hope you’ll be ok the next month, I’ve been really blessed on my journey this far.


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