My Cetaphil Skincare Journey

by | Jul 3, 2019

As I am quickly approaching the end of my 20’s, my skincare appearance and health are starting to become more of a priority. I am starting to notice fine lines and I’m always on the hunt for new products that are going to help slow down the aging process. This is why you’ll see me changing my skincare routine often. I swapped out my skincare holy grails for a month to try out Cetaphil’s new skincare range.

While I still have the odd hormonal breakout, my current skincare concerns are fine lines, dehydration, and dullness. When Cetaphil approached me about reviewing their skincare range, I was hesitant, while the product looked clinical, I knew it was easily available at Clicks and didn’t know how I felt about that as in the past I’ve always used professional skincare ranges. I did my research and after reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give it a try.

Week One

I used the extra gentle daily scrub, while this product seemed a little harsh on my sensitive skin, it didn’t go red or have any negative effects. The extra gentle daily scrub has only been on the shelf since May so it is still quite new, I also used the oil control moisturiser. I liked that this daily scrub has a gentle exfoliator encompassed into the range, it’s clinically tested for daily use and helps the skin to maintain its natural balanace.

While I didn’t notice any big differences after week one, to be honest, my skin still looked the same as it had when I was using my previous skincare range. I pushed through because I enjoyed the benefits this range included and wanted to see if I would see results after a month of using this range..

The extra gentle daily scrub removes dirt, oil, and impurities (it even took off my makeup), while micro-fine bamboo particles buff away dry, dull skin. The RRP for this scrub is about R160

Week Two

I continued with my face scrub and moisturiser. This week I felt my skin wasn’t as sensitive to the daily scrub and my skin was starting to get a bit of a glow, not every day, but every other day. Especially on the days I double-cleansed.

The moisturiser has a watery consistency, with little balls in it, that get massaged into your skin, this range did lock in moisture for me, my skin was visibly less dry, it was great to use under my makeup and it occasionally gave me a glow up. This moisturiser has a RRP of about R280. The daily hydrating lotion was great for the day but I felt the oil control moisturiser worked best for me.

IMG 20190602 224957 | My Cetaphil Skincare Journey | it's a Sher thing

Week Three

I suffered a hormonal breakout and got sick so my skin looked a little dull and dehydrated again, even though I stuck to my current skincare routine. I blame this on being run down and drinking loads of ginger, pineapple, and honey – which is really acidic and isn’t something I consume regularly. Where my nose was super dry from blowing it, I used the Cetaphil moisturising cream and it took away those dry patches overnight. However, i felt this cream was too rich to use as a daily moisturiser for my skin.

IMG 20190602 224753 | My Cetaphil Skincare Journey | it's a Sher thing

Week Four

While there was no dramatic difference to how my skin looked to the naked eye, I could feel a difference in terms of texture. My skin feels smoother, and has a great glow to it. It no longer looks dull and dehydrated. I’ll continue to use this range and I hope the results keep getting better.

Unfortunately, no product is a miracle cure. Nothing you use is going to take away your wrinkles and make you look 10 years younger. However, using the best quality skincare you can afford will improve the way your skin looks and feels, even if it is a subtle difference.

I’m impressed with the results I experienced after trying out this range and I would recommend it to others. This product is easily available at Clicks and other pharmacies and it’s a great every day skincare product. I have sensitive skin and it worked for me, I would love to hear from my readers if you have problematic skin and have tried this range, did it work for you?

This is my skin after using the Cetaphil range for 4 weeks. It’s clear, soft and it feels healthy!

IMG 20190529 161154 | My Cetaphil Skincare Journey | it's a Sher thing

I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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