Woolworths, a chocoholics best friend

While doing my monthly grocery shopping at my local Woolies, I seem to have wandered down the sweet aisle, I stumbled across those giant speckled eggs and I had to take a pack home. I also had to get a packet of the small ones for size comparison. The giant speckled eggs are awesome because you get a lot more chocolate and jelly in a mouthful and you only need 2-3 to curb your sugar craving before you feel satisfied. The regular speckled eggs cost about R27 for 125g, so it’s an affordable sweet treat. The giant speckled eggs are R30 for 150g. I love both, but if I had to choose I would go for the giant speckled eggs.

I also came across a few other treasures which I deem to be real innovation on Woolworths part. Take what we love, create a mash-up and make it bigger. Woolworths has also launched three new slabs of chocolate. One slab with speckled eggs, one with chuckles in it and one with peanut brittle in it. Which one would you tuck into first?

The speckled egg slab is really delicious. It’s made up of that sweet Woolworths milk chocolate, with speckled eggs in it. Each block has atleast one speckled egg in it and it’s the ultimate cheat day treat. All three slabs cost R35 each for 100g.

The chuckles shortcake slab tastes more like chocolate and shortbread than it tastes like chuckles if you ask me, but that could be because it’s a different consistency. That’s not to say that this isn’t delicious, because it is and I really enjoy it.

Last but not least is the peanut brittle slab. This slab tasted more like peanut butter and chocolate with some crunch in it than peanut brittle. I found this chocolate to be super peanutty. I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter but Dr. bae on the other hand who enjoys peanut butter munched on the slab and it was gone within a matter of minutes. So for the gym lovers out there who love peanut butter, this is a treat I reckon you would thoroughly enjoy.

They also offer clusters in the same three varients. The speckled egg cluster ha some crunch in it, like popped rice, mixed with speckled eggs and chocolate. I could eat the whole bag in front of the T.V. if left unsupervised. The chuckles cluster is made up of chocolate, popped rice and shortbread pieces in it. The peanut brittle cluster has popped rice, peanut butter and pieces of peanut in it (according to my taste buds). These clusters are about R50 for 140g.

My favouritrs are the speckled egg slab and chuckles cluster. Tell us in the comments section which ones you’re keen to try out.


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