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The launch:

I was lucky enough to attend the OWAY launch at the Four Seasons hotel just over two months ago. I was super excited about the launch of this new, organic range. I’m loving that people are becoming more conscious and aware of what products they use and what brands they support.

They were kind enough to give us some delicious smelling products to try out. I’ve been using them for the past two months and I’m enjoying the results. The scent is fresh and smells of citrus and your hair feels silky soft straight after. I like to change up my haircare range every few weeks, I’ve been changing between Davines, Sorbet fix me fabulous and OWAY.

OWAY is a brand that’s for both men and women, they have a range of shampoo, conditioners, masks and styling products. I like that this is an environmentally friendly range that offers quality products too. I enjoy the amber glass recycled packaging, it also makes the product look premium.

The hair and scalp treatments from OWAY were founded on ethical principles and they are holistically sustainable. The ingredients are natural, organic, and they are harvested in ways that use absolutely no chemicals and focus on a harmonic relationship between plants, people and animals. OWAY inspires an authentic lifestyle, with attention to detail and respect for the environment.


This range is 100% high-quality formulas that have been designed to transform hair in the purest and natural way possible. It is a holistic and sustainable range; the use of certified natural and organic raw materials obtained through fair trade, lend themselves to green chemistry completely. As OWAY is the first hair and scalp treatment line to use essential oils and pure micronised plants from biodynamic farming, this means revolutionary care for the consumer.

Biodynamic farming is a step ahead of organic practices as the holistic approach to harvesting ingredients results in zero chemical use, maintains soil fertility and focuses on a harmonic relationship between people, plants and animals.

Formulations are housed in amber glass and packed into aluminum boxes. Doing so ensures ingredients within the formulations will be preserved as perfectly as possible, keeping quality, hygiene, naturalness, and transparency intact. The packaging is entirely sustainable and can be recycled over and over again and of course, OWay encourages reuse of its packaging, both in salons and at home.

In the US, the brand has also obtained PETA Cruelty-free recognition and certification for its values and work. PETA is the largest organisation for the defense of animal rights and so this acknowledgment is a real accolade in the fight against animal cruelty within the beauty industry. And of course, OWAY’s products wouldn’t be organic if they weren’t certified by nature; awarded double integrated Quality ISO 9001 + ISO 22716 certification – a double guarantee that makes OWay stand out in the international market. In addition, all products are NATRUE-certified, in accordance with this sector-related rigorous and unique standard.

The range:

The frequent use hair & scalp bath is suitable for hair types even sensitive. The shampoo gently cleanses and strengthens plus moisturises and doesn’t weigh the hair down. My hair feels soft, clean and more manageable. It’s a bonus that I smell like a fresh little lemon too.

The frequent use conditioner is also for all hair types. Plus helps detangle and add that extra moisture to the hair so tips feel super healthy. It’s super nourishing and my hair feels soft and shiny after each wash.

Active Ingredients:

Biodynamic lemon – Adds shine and revitalizes dull – matt hair thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C.
Organic white tea – Rich in polyphenols, it has an anti-aging action and protects against oxidative stress.
Ethical anisata
Ethically-produced Anisata – antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

  • The price of the OWAY Frequent Use Conditioner – 240ml R375,00
  • The price of the OWAY Frequent use hair & scalp bath – 240ml R355,00

Available at Sorbet dry bars nationwide. To find out more about the brand in SA you can get in touch with the brand on


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