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BBC Lifestyle has announced a new set of shows that will be airing on DStv this month. Thank goodness! After the final episode of GOT aired this week, we’ve been wondering what we would do with our evenings.

BBC Lifestyle has curated a season of shows that provide a sneak peek into a world where money is no object and luxury living is always the aim of the game. These are really first world problems, and problems I know I would love to have.

The luxury season will air between May and August 2019 on Thursday evenings at 8 pm on DStv channel 174. So, if you are planning on winning the jackpot anytime soon, this is your one-stop shop on everything delicious, decadent and diva-esque. If you’ve already made it and are looking for new ideas on how to spend that cold-hard cash, this show may give you some fresh ideas.

The Hotel for the Super Rich and Famous

The Hotel for the Super Rich and Famous is a documentary series that goes behind the scenes at London’s coveted Corinthia hotel, looking at how it tries to stand out in a fiercely competitive market. Only seven years old, Corinthia is situated just off London’s iconic Trafalgar Square.

Guests, including Cuba Gooding Jr and Will.i.am (casual), are welcomed and looked after by staff comprising 54 different nationalities. This documentary showcases the land of the rich who can ask for anything they want and are willing and able to pay for perfection.

I secretly wish I could live this 5* life for like a month and then I’ll happily go back to working hard again. Imagine, I feel like orange juice at 10 pm, no problem. I feel like a citrus-scented bubble bath, done! The possibilities are endless but of course, they come at a pretty penny. A girl can dream though right.

World’s Best Restaurants

The World’s Best Restaurants tells the story of the finest food on earth with a glamorous global cast of diners whose wallets allow them to indulge. Opening a window on an exclusive world, follow exceptional chefs, maître ds and serving staff who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of perfection.

Filmed across 11 countries in total, each episode visits three of the world’s best restaurants and meet the masterminds behind each one. Every location is chosen because it brings something unique to the world of gastronomy, whether that’s a restaurant located on the edge of a volcanic lake, the most expensive gastronomic experience in the world, or the delights and distractions of fine dining underwater.

This is definitely a series I would enjoy watching. I would never otherwise be exposed to such exclusivity and luxury.

The World’s Most Luxurious Airline

This show will only be starting from Thursday 27th June at 20:00

Blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians showed how the fabulously rich in Singapore might live. Now let’s switch back to reality with this documentary that gives inside access to Singapore Airlines. The World’s Most Luxurious Airline discloses the lengths the airline goes to, to build a first-class suite for the super wealthy and deliciously divulges the exacting standards first-class passengers expect when wining and dining up in the skies.

I can believe this. I’ve flown on Singapore airlines before (economy class) and their service was like nothing I’ve experienced before. From the comfortable seats to the delicious meal options, I was ultra-impressed with this airline. I’ll definitely be tuning in to find out more.

Inside Hotel Chocolat

This show will start airing from, Thursday 4th July at 20:00

With exclusive access, this dramatically delicious series goes behind the scenes at Hotel Chocolat – Britain’s biggest independent chocolate company. Inside Hotel Chocolat follows the company’s journey through the sweet successes and bitter moments as they open a series of chocolate cafés in the biggest growth spurt in their history. With colourful characters, high stakes and plenty of mouth-watering moments, this is a chocolate lover’s dream and an irresistibly tasty TV experience.

Feeding the Super Rich

This show will start airing from, Thursday 18th July at 20:00

Feeding the Super Rich is an exclusive behind the scenes mini-series that follows the private network of luxury food suppliers who cater for the UK’s billionaires. London is home to more billionaires than any other city on the planet. Like all of us, they need feeding and it’s become big business. Exclusive food finders indulge every whim to satisfy the appetites of some of the most demanding clients. In this high stakes market, they go to any length to source, import and prepare the world’s finest and most expensive food and drink. For some clients, the finest ingredients just aren’t enough; it’s what you do to them and where they’ve been that counts.  It’s a rarefied and private world where only the very best will do.

I am really looking forward to Thursday nights with DStv, I’m looking forward to seeing how the other half live. who is with me?


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