Tinkies introduces the best of both worlds, with their new half & half range

Tinkies, the nostalgic treat that takes us on a trip down memory lane. When I think of Tinkies I think of after-school netball practice, after-care, and princess parties. The most difficult choice was always picking a flavour, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.

Tinkies has made life a little easier, by offering a mash-up of flavours. You can now choose chocolate/vanilla or strawberry/vanilla. These flavours go together like peanut butter and jam, doughnuts and sprinkles and slap chips and tomato sauce. I am so happy this innovation has hit South Africa.

Living in a world of instant gratification, with loads of options, this new treat is a welcomed addition to lunch boxes, snack cupboards, and party packs.

Staying close to the mash-up origins, there will be an exciting marketing campaign. You will start seeing communications around this marketing campaign in store and on social media over the next two months. Competitions will run with prizes including JBL headsets and Nintendo Switches, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information. These products have been selected as prizes as they mirror the mash-up theme of the Tinkies half & half, making one new product out of two existing ones. Other instore prizes include data, airtime and Tinkies vouchers.  Who wouldn’t want these awesome prizes?

These new Tinkies will be available in stores from this month. They retail for R39,99 for a box of 6.

Wondering what the launch event was like?

Dr. bae and I made our way to ‘Wired Sound Studio’ in Northcliff. The venue was easy to spot as there was a black couch, adorned with Tinkies scatter cushions, among a sea of pink and purple bean bags, and if you missed that sign, the purple foil heart, star and glitter balloons gave away that something was definitely happening in the area.

We were welcomed in by the friendly PR’s and saw guests putting their names in a giant purple hat, ahead of a secret draw which would take place later in the event. Once we worked past the sea of balloons, we saw a fun photo booth. Dr.bae and I tried on pink and purple wigs, oversized sunglasses and Phaedra’s. These pics were printed out on a photo strip with a magnet on it and yip they’re on our fridge right now.

That’s not all, we then saw a kiddie (and my) dream sweet party come true. There were strawberry milkshakes, hot chocolates with tiny marshmallows, red velvet lattes, chocolate fountains with dippable marshmallows, strawberries, and waffles. There were also sprinkles, sauces, jelly tots, cake pops, Tinkies and so so so much more. I may have eaten like an unsupervised toddler at a party…

The Tinkies media wall was the perfect backdrop for insta worthy photos and the kiddies had a blast singing their favourite mashups in the recording studio. Fun was had!

If that wasn’t enough, when we left, we received cupcakes with Tinkies minions on them and some Tinkies half and half of our own to take home, because clearly, the 3 I had at the event were not enough. It’s fun to talk to kids about their ideas, interests, and plans, not take yourself too seriously and just have fun sometimes. We easily get caught up in the rat race and this event was a breath of fresh, chocolatey air for me.

Thank you Tinkies for this new innovation and for hosting a fabulous event, we had a blast.

Peep my Facebook page to see more pics from this event…


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