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The fuel increase hit us hard this month and now there’s another one predicted for next month. Lord have mercy! South African’s are having to think twice about where they travel to and they’re planning their routes carefully, ahead of time for the sake of fuel efficiencies.

Drivers are becoming super conscious of fuel consumption, especially with the long weekends coming up. Total South Africa has shared their top 10 tips on how to cut down on fuel consumption when traveling.


1.Well maintained tyres are essential for safe and economical driving. Check your tyre pressure to ensure it is not over or under the recommended pressure.

2. Use the correct lubricant for your car, this is good for your engine and allows gear transitions to be smooth and gentle on your vehicle.

3. Get your car serviced regularly to maintain engine efficiency.

4. Limit drastic changes in speed. Drive at a moderate speed throughout your journey by sticking to the speed limit.

5. Cool down the gearbox by placing it in neutral at traffic lights or in traffic standstills.

6. Get some fresh air, stop every two hours to take a break and stretch your legs.

7. Shorten your trips by booking your accommodation in a central area, close to your planned activities. The shorter distances you drive while on holiday, the better.

8. Sign up a network partner, most petrol stations are partnered with retailers or have loyalty cards. Sign up for a retail benefit today so that your fuel spending can be offset in store.  Get your loyalty card and earn Dis-Chem benefits as you fuel up at a Total service station. 

9. Drop the revs, it’s more fuel efficient to use a higher gear, so shift gears sooner rather than later.

10. When it comes to fuel, time is money so, rather switch on and go – don’t let your car idle for more than a minute.

People often underestimate the impact their driving habits have on fuel consumption. Take note of these driving tips to improve fuel efficiency. These small tweaks will help you drive smart and save. By changing the way you drive and keeping your car in good shape, you can spend less and travel more.

Happy Driving and please stay safe over the holidays!


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