Hair Transformation with David Gillson

I’ve been going to award-winning, celebrity hairstylist David Gillson since October last year.

David Gillson is a hairstylist guru to the stars. Having worked on the likes of Tamara Dey, and Jennifer Su to name a few.

The first time I went to him, I asked for a hair transformation. I’ve had long, dark brown hair for the last 6 / 7 years and I wanted a change. It was a few days before my 29th birthday and I wanted something that would make me look younger and more refreshed.

David did a colour-melt colouring technique on my hair, to weave in some light brown colours, he also gave me a blunt cut (all the rage in Hollywood right now) and he took off quite a bit of length.

A colour-melt is a hair colour technique, that involved two hues blended together with little to no highlights at the root. While ombre is known for its fade from dark roots to light ends, it’s usually not so much a fade as it is a harsh line of colour differentiation between the darker and lighter shades.

These are my before and after pics:


It took me a little while to get used to the shorter, lighter hair, but I’m really loving it now. What do you prefer?

David also did a Keratherapy Smooth treatment on my hair.

This is a quick, in-salon, smoothing treatment spray, used to remove frizz, and add moisture and bounce back into the hair, for up to 6 weeks. The spray is applied to the hair and a hair straightener is then used to seal the treatment into the hair.

This treatment is infused with keratin, collagen, argon oil and natural fruit acids to seal in the colour, prevent colour fading and fight frizz. This treatment is almost like a little ‘brazillian straightening treatment’ it just doesn’t last as long, isn’t as dramatic and doesn’t have all the harsh chemicals, brazillians have in them such as phermaldahide.

This professional treatment that is currently only available at Carlton branches in South Africa. I had my treatment done at the Melrose Arch salon.

Some of the benefits of this treatment are:
-Dramatically reduces blow dry, ironing & overall finishing time.
-Fast and easy spray-on application.
-Eliminates frizz and protects hair from humidity.


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