Hellmann’s® Nationwide Price Slash

For all of us finance-savvy business women, this is a little (well actually a whole 30%) saving announcement. I love enjoying a little luxury, now I can, just for a little bit less.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures in South Africa are on an increase as the country continues on its inflationary trajectory. In 2018 CPI rose from 4.78% in 2018 to 5.27% in 2019, leaving many households with cash-strapped budgets. Leaving them in the unenviable position of needing to cut items off their grocery lists.

However, not all price adjustments are going to be unpalatable for South Africans during Budget Speech 2019 as Hellmann’s® mayonnaise announces a price drop of over 30% in their recommended retail price nationwide.

On budget day, Hellmann’s® will be monitoring the expected tax increases on premium items, and to ensure that South African’s can still afford their favourite luxury mayonnaise, Hellmann’s® will be decreasing the price of their luxury product in real time as the price of other luxury products increase.

“Our consumers have been unwavering in their support of our brand since 2015, as a business we would like to thank them for this by supplying our product at a reduced price of over 30% off our recommended retail price,” says Bawinile Kwela, Brand Manager of Hellmann’s® South Africa.

Hellmann’s® believes that their customers should not need to compromise on their grocery purchases, nor on the quality of what they would like to consume. You get the same Hellmann’s® mayonnaise, with all its original ingredients, so there is no compromise in quality.

We’ve seen that food and non-alcoholic beverages are increasing by 3% year-on-year. Milk, eggs and cheese have increased by 1,3%, with oils and fats increasing by 1,7% last year. It’s important to note that Hellmann’s® is made with high-quality ingredients and this brand in particular holds a premium mayonnaise brand status. Making its whopping reduction in price even more appealing to consumers.  

The company would like to reiterate that the drop in price will not affect the quality of the product and consumers will enjoy the same taste they have grown to love in Hellmann’s mayonnaise ‘Our clients will still be purchasing the premium multi-purpose kitchen condiment to which they have become accustomed,” says Bawinile Kwela, Brand Manager of Hellmann’s® South Africa.

Although the 30% price drop is the recommended retail reduction in price, it is at the discretion of retailers as to how much they will decrease the price of their Hellmann’s® mayonnaise stock by. 

Follow the price drop in real time, on twitter @HellmannsZA and watch, as consumer price items increase, the price of Hellmann’s® mayonnaise will decrease.

Hellmann’s new recommended retail price is R49,99 for the 789g (Retailers had it at R74,99 to R79,99) and R29,99 for the 394g (Retailers had it at R49,99 to R50,99).


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