Find love in your language this Valentine’s Day with Cadbury P.S.


Valentine’s Day! This special occasion is about so much more than red roses, champagne and love notes. It’s an opportunity to tell someone you fancy, how you really feel about them. This can be done through a grand gesture, or by handing them a chocolate with a personalised note on it.

Cadbury P.S. has just launched a limited-edition range of chocolate bars that will help you say “I LOVE YOU” in the different languages of South Africa, including sign language.

How cool is that?? You can totally think this special day is a little gimmicky and it’s ok to not get totally into it, but a little gesture really does go a long way and don’t forget, you can spoil your girlfriends with a personalised choccie, or two, too!

These limited-edition message bars can be shared across the country this Valentine’s season, offering South Africans the chance to find love in their own language, or to learn how to say I LOVE YOU in another. Nothing brings you and your loved ones together like a Cadbury P.S. this month of love.

How did your love story start and how do you show your partner that you love them? Dyllans’ love language is ‘acts of service’ so he shows his love by making me cups of coffee, running me baths, helping me cook in the evenings, hang up the washing etc.

I show him my love by buying him little gifts like P.S. chocolates, lunch, clothes, etc.

“Cadbury P.S. loves helping people connect and express their feelings in personal, yet simple ways” says Grant van Niekerk, Mondelez SA Category Lead for Chocolate. “And the fact that they can now say ‘I LOVE YOU’ in their own language is something the brand is very proud to share and we hope this helps each and every one of our fans express a little bit more love this Valentines.”

So, whether romantic or platonic, simply gift a Cadbury P.S. bar this Valentine’s to say “I love you” in your language.

Have you tried an ‘I love you’ P.S. in your language? I’d love to know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day on Thursday.



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