My Le Morgan Love Affair…

Kitchen cutlery is one area most home cooks don’t take too seriously. Despite using knives every day, we usually don’t buy the right knife set for our kitchen. Although, most us already know that life is a lot easier when you have a good, sharp set of knives. From slicing pineapple and butternut, to dicing a chicken breast, knowing which knives to use is important in the kitchen. Knives come in different sizes, and styles. So, it is no surprise that so many people are unsure about which ones to get. I know I was pretty clueless until recently. 

When you start shopping for your perfect kitchen knife, look for knives that can do what you need them to do. Get one that will make dicing, slicing, and chopping effortless. Know your personal preferences and understand that there isn’t one knife that is right for everyone. A little research goes a long way in helping you find the right knives for your kitchen.

2018 saw me cook all of maybe 50 times, in 365 days. So, one of my 2019 goals was to start cooking more. Naturally, like the girl I am, I couldn’t just google some recipes and start cooking, nope. I treated myself to a 9-piece set of razor-sharp samurai knives, so I can slice, dice and peel any sweet potato, butternut of fillet that comes my way. I bought the Le Morgan, Samurai 9-piece knife set. They’re currently on sale (53% off) They were R1 499,00 and I picked them up for R709,00 Whoop whoop!

Know your knives:

Chef Knife

A chef knife is a classic, all-purpose kitchen knife.  It is considered the most essential knife for general kitchen tasks. If your kitchen tasks involve making cuts, dicing, and fine chops, then this knife should be your ultimate kitchen tool. It is delightfully sharp and lightweight, making slicing and dicing easy as pie. With a big blade and long edge, it comes easily as the most versatile and efficient kitchen knife you can have.


The paring knife is the smallest of the set.  It is a short knife which is used for small, delicate tasks in the kitchen like trimming mushrooms and peeling garlic. This knife is great for slicing small fruits like strawberries.


Usually referred to as the bread knife, the serrated knife works best for food items with soft core but firm outer layer like melon and tomatoes. The toothed blade is known to take on almost any job. The jagged edge blade allows for controlled cuts of the other surface of the food but doesn’t crush the delicate interior.

These are the three knives that I use the most, but I am constantly learning how to use the others and how they work best as I work my way through the kitchen.

If you love to cook with spices, herbs and seasonings like fresh herbs, garlic, chili or paprika, but find it hard to locate those bottles that are cluttering up your pantry, then a spice rack will definitely help you to organise all your favourite condiments in one place for quick and easy access and will save storage space.

Spices, herbs, and seasonings lie at the heart of great cooking. Whether you love to cook hot and spicy curries or aromatic soup dishes, a spice rack is the ultimate spice organiser for a home cook as it displays all of your favourite spices and herbs in one place.

That’s how I went on to purchase a set of Le Morgan 12 clear spice containers, on a gorgeous spice rack. This spice rack really makes me feel like a little chef as it encourages me to use spices based on their colours, and scents instead of just what’s written on the bottle.  These are also on sale (60% off) I picked them up for R240,00 and they were originally selling for R599,00


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