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Taking these 14 days off in 2019 will get you out of office for 42 days (including a few weekend days)

If you would like to see how to maximise your leave this year, continue reading.

The holidays are over, the pink flamingo floatie has been deflated, the pink tonic that compliments your Malfy gin is finished and your bright bikini has been neatly packed away.

We are back at the grind and the holidays seem to be a distant memory. If you plan ahead and maximise your leave, you should be feeling refreshed and have the stamina to continue doing the most, throughout the year. By taking tactical days off between public holidays and weekends, your two-day breaks can actually become five or six days long.

  • Human Rights Day: Thursday, 21 March.
    • Take off Friday, 22 March
    • Get 4 days out of the office
  • Easter: Friday, 19 April – Monday, 22 April.
    • Take off Thursday, 18 April and Tuesday, 23 April
    • Get 6 days out of the office
  • Workers Day: Wednesday, 1 May
    • Take off Thursday, 2 May and Friday, 3 May
    • Get 5 days out of the office
  • Youth Day: Monday, 17 June
    • Take off Thursday, 13 June and Friday, 14 June
    • Get 5 days out of the office
  • Women’s Day: Friday, 9 August
  • Take off Monday, 12 August
  • Get 4 days out of the office
  • Heritage Day: Tuesday, 23 September
  • Take off Monday, 22 September
  • Get 4 days out of the office
  • Day of Reconciliation: Monday, 16 December
  • Take off Tuesday, 17 December and Wednesday, 18 December
  • Get 5 days out of the office
  • Christmas: 25 – 26 December
  • Take off Monday, 23 December, Tuesday, 24 December and December, 27 December
  • Get 9 days out of the office


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