I scream, you scream, we all scream for…. ICE CREAM!

Calling all vegans, lactose intollerant peeps and health concious individuals. I’m about to make your Summer with this next announcement! You’re welcome.

Summer is definitely here! Pool out your pool floaties, bright bikini’s and don’t forget the SPF. What’s missing from this picture? ICE CREAM, how does toasted coconut, salted caramal, tons of cookies, vanilla bean espresso and coconut vanilla bean sound to you?

Well these are Fry’s latest ICE CREAM flavours! You heard me, they’ve just launched a new line of our favourite summer treats. Make space in your freezer now! Oh and did I mention, this treat is guilt-free, yet equally delicious (because, who said you can’t maintain your summer bodywhile enjoying life’s little pleasures too right?).

That’s exactly what Fry’s had in mind when they created their range of hand-crafted dairy-free ice cream, which will be launching early in 2019 in PnP stores. Yaaaas, get those smart shopper points gals! Using only the finest-quality ingredients, directly sourced from nature. Like coconuts, espresso beans and vanilla, Fry’s were able to leave out all the nasty additives and produce fluffy, creamy goodness in its purest form – 100% veganand ethically made. What a wow, and what a way to start the new year. I’m there for that!

Just like the rest of the Fry’s range, their home-made ice creams are made with love and attention to detail. Fry’s do believe there are better alternatives to animal products, including dairy, and that’s why they’ve used the natural creaminess of coconuts to create a smooth-textured and ultra-delicious base for all five flavours.

Visit their website to check out their full range of dairy-free ice cream and to see where you can pickup a tub (or three) of some creamy-dreamy goodness for your next family gathering.

If I wasn’t excited about 2019 already, I am now.


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