Introducing NEW Beautiful Color Liquid Lip & Bold Defining Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner


This new liquid lip and liquid eyeliner lineup from Elizabeth Arden boasts vibrant colours, and it’s moisturising. Nobody needs to have chapped lips this festive season. Now you can be the star of the beach bar, while still using the best ingredients to care for your lips and to keep them moisturized. Who knows, you may even find love in the club this holiday! This lip care range speaks to women who are looking to make a statement with a bright lippie.


Elizabeth Arden has just launched a new high shine lacquer, which is available in 18 shades in total, including six new shades. This lacquer retails for R299,00 and the new shades are seductress, tulle, burgundy, casual and coral infusion. I feel like I need the coral infusion this Summer! The formula is non-sticky, but oh-so luxurious.

If lacquer isn’t really your vibe, not to worry, you can opt for the bold liquid lipstick. Which is available in seven shades. Their liquid lipstick retails for R299,00 and it’s available in extreme pink, daring beige, luscious raspberry, fiery red, fearless red, passionate peach and seductive magenta. How magnificent do those shades sound! I want to try daring beige, passionate peach and seductive magenta, because purple is so my vibe. This liquid lipstick will give you the intensity of a lipstick, with the finish of a gloss. How divine does that sound! This product is great for women who have fine lines around their mouth. This long lasting colour doesn’t feather or bleed.


Just like an episode of Oprah, here’s my ‘but wait, there’s more’ moment. We can also offer you a beautiful colour liquid lip gloss, this gloss is available in six colours, namely gone pink, pretty obsessed, stardust, cheeky, ladylike and red door VIP. Yummy!! I’m keen for stardust and ladylike. This gloss retails for R299,00 and promises to be moisturizing and high shine. I like that this gloss is packed with lustrous pigments and ingredients to make lips look youthful and feel cushiony soft.


As you can see, each one of these lip-care offerings retail for R299 so it’s all about finding the product that works best for you and your needs. I love it when the price of a product does not affect my purchasing decision. I’ve often opted for a makeup piece that I didn’t love as much, but because it was easier on my pocket. I’m sure you have too.


Here’s a breakdown of what a lip lacquer, liquid lipstick and gloss offers:


Lip Lacquer:  Lacquers have a thick and creamy consistency with an ultra glossy texture that will give your lips a sheen

Liquid Lipstick: Liquid lipsticks offer full coverage, intense pigment, and a matte finish in an easy-to-apply liquid formula.

Lipgloss: A light glossy finish with a  colour enhancement.



Beautiful Color Bold Defining Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner completes any look with waterproof, show-stopping intensity that stays put all day long. This eyeliner retails for R285 and delivers high impact colour, with quick-drying, waterproof and smudge-proof formula. Sounds like this liquid eyeliner would survive those hot nights on the Mykonos dance floor, while dancing with your girls. I know I’m keen to give this eyeliner a try. What’s also great about this product is that the felt tip helps to create precision and it glides on with ease to define the eyes. This puts the control in your hands and allows you to create a look that is either subtle and natural or bold and dramatic. This eyeliner is available in one colour, serious black.



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