A girl and her NUDE nails are an endless love affair

I came across a gorgeous salon on Instagram that does the most magnificent nail art and I had to start going there!! I haven’t looked back since. This salon is based in Boskruin, Randburg and it’s so worth the quick hop onto the highway from Bryanston. I love that they use a new nail application called rubber base, which leaves my nails hard and strong so that I can have beautiful, long, natural nails.


The owner Lara is super hands on and she allowed it’s a Sher thing an exclusive interview with her. Read more below.


Most of us know your salon from Instagram, with your variety of colourful and highly detailed nail offerings. What other services do you offer?

We offer all nail treatments including Nail Extensions & Nail Art, Waxing, Threading, Brow & Lash Tinting, Facials, Derma Pen Treatments, Massages & Spray Tans.




What do you consider to be the personal strengths that have helped you start your own business and achieve where you are today?

Initially it was the desire to start my own business and the courage and confidence to follow it through. As an entrepreneur, you need to back yourself and then prepare to SUCCEED!


Where did the name Nude come from?

I’d been thinking about various colours and realised that as much as colours go in and out of fashion all the time, NUDE always has and always will be a classic and timeless look in terms of Nail colours and makeup. NUDE also refers to skin and we offer skin treatments like facials and massages.

Your salon is the first I’ve been to that offers Rubber Base as a nail care option. What is it, how does it work and why would you recommend people use it?

Rubber Base is a gel, much like the gel polishes on the market. However it offers more strength and this allows us to fill the product instead of soaking off with each treatment. This saves time and keeps the nails healthy, as they’re no longer exposed to the harsh soak off process and buffing of natural nails. Instead the nails remain protected under the product. With each fill, we file down the nails to the desired shape and length, and after filling with Rubber Base, we change the colour and off you go! It takes 60 minutes for a Rubber Base Nail Fill.

What should we expect from you next?

I have a WILD idea that I’m working on right now, that will become an extension of the brand, celebrating SKIN…. Watch this space!!


You took a leap of faith to start your own company, tell us a little bit more about that. 

I’d been dreaming about starting my own business for years (decades if you want the truth), though the ideas changed all the time. It was a drive that was so strong, it took over my every thought, and I just couldn’t ignore it. I saw potential wherever I looked, however I waited until I had enough experience needed to start a business on my own.



What inspired you to start Nude and when did you open your doors?

While I hadn’t had previous experience working in the beauty industry myself, I loved the idea of creating a beautiful place for women and men to come to relax, have great conversation, be comfortable and pampered. I’ve been in the Retail environment most of my working life so I felt most comfortable to stay in this space. NUDE opened almost three years ago, in the middle of December 2015!


What is your greatest achievement outside of your business?

It sounds so cliché, having and raising my two daughters Miah (7) and Isla (5).


What do you feel has been the greatest satisfaction about being an entrepreneur so far?

I had a vision and feel that I was able to create what I dreamed I would. It was a tough process to put the salon together however I realised that the more involved one is in the setup, the easier it is as the challenges prepare you for the next set of challenges.


How do you motivate yourself to keep being innovative in this highly competitive space?

We’re always on the lookout for different and new products (both those that we use for treatments as well as products for our retail offering).



What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?

Go for it, back yourself, be prepared for hard work and a lot of FUN!


How best should people contact you if they want to collaborate with you?

They can find us and contact us on Facebook (NUDE) and/or Instagram (@nude_sa). Email is info@nude-sa.com Call +27 11 792-6833


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