A hive of activity in Braamfontein this week

by | Sep 28, 2018

If you follow me on the gram you would’ve seen me chatting about the J&B Hive. I promised to give you more information on it and here it is. Attention all creatives, this is an article you do not want to miss! The J&B Hive in Braamfontein is looking for the next 10 – 20 creative entrepreneurs in Joburg to invest in. Yip you heard me right, to invest in. I’m talking cash, money!

Spread the news and help us find them and if you’re the next creative that they are looking for, best you apply here… Here is a link to a video which is sure to stimulate your creative juices – https://youtu.be/uD_QwreRYnM.

An exhibit of successful Jozi-based entrepreneurs will be on display this week for the J&B Hive’s 2018 creative entrepreneurial showcase event. The showcase, forms part of its recruitment drive to attract and invest in small, creative start-ups and will be open to the public on Thursday, 27 September.

Set on the corner of two busy streets in Braamfontein, The J&B Hive is a communal workspace, event venue and creative incubator, where local entrepreneurs can apply for equity free investment to help grow their businesses. I love a company who supports the community and local entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs.




Established in 2015, it was adopted by J&B as part of its quest to build a collaborative and innovative network in South Africa. As a brand, J&B lives and breathes for collaboration, believing it has the power to produce extraordinarily positive outcomes. Looks like this belief is coming to full fruition with this lekker, local initiative.

“We are calling all creatives in Joburg to come and see some of the incredible small start-ups that are thriving under The J&B Hive’s care. Our goal with the J&B Hive is to become the home of creative entrepreneurship in South Africa, giving the next generation of change makers the tools, skills, and resources, they need to succeed,” says Ziyanda Malaba, J&B’s Senior Brand Manager.


The J&B Hive has a current membership community of 45 small businesses which are all rooted in the creative industry – from fashion to photography, cinema to music and more. Wow, this is exciting!! New membership recruitment happens on a bi-annual basis though an application process.

With only a limited number of places available each year, the stakes are high. Those that make it through will be given financial support, mentorship, training and access to a membership network filled with the potential for synergy. I love that! They don’t just give you coins and leave, they mentor you and guide you throughout the pricess. Members will also enjoy free access to the coworking space and its top-class equipment, including Apple software, cameras, lighting and more. Anyone keen to visit the apple-suite?


lurm 505736 unsplash | A hive of activity in Braamfontein this week | it's a Sher thing


In support of the wider creative community and to encourage further entrepreneurial growth, The J&B Hive also allocates complimentary weekly slots where individuals or businesses can make use of the venue to either showcase their offering or host learning events. Again, this is an opportunity to meet other small business owners and build a foundation for possible collaboration. As a global brand, J&B hopes that the Johannesburg hive will be the first of many around Africa and the globe. The idea is to create a global community that can tap into each other’s skills from across the world.


“The J&B hive is more than just a venue or a communal work space. Its an incubation hub that uses the power of collaboration and synergy to achieve great things. As a brand, J&B invests in the members not only to give them a step up, but also to create what we as a brand are most proud of – a network of businesses that can rely on us, as well as each other to grow,” says Malaba. Applications to become a member of the J&B Hive will be open on 28 September. For more information, visit https://www.thehivejohannesburg.com/.


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